When In Doubt: Photo Out!

Last week, when I was preparing my computer (clearing disk space) for the recording job, I found more than one folder entitled “Phone Photos” These had the pictures from my phone that I dump on my computer at random intervals. It seems a pity, because I sorted them by date, some from WAY back it 2012, and now the pictures are in storage, never to be seen or appreciated.

So, like the title implies, When In Doubt, Photo Out!

Dec 16, 2012 000

Giant Moth


Using the Fire Dept Cherry picker to put up an antenna


The cats, Superior Seven

Having just scattered the contents of a few folders out to many folders, assorted by date, I find that I cannot find too many of the pictures I just re arranged. Typical.

Going To Get Into Football

I decided I’m going to get into football. Real football, not American football.

I’ve been reading a little, trying to grasp the complex league system. And trying to find a couple of teams I like. I found one. Udinese! I have had a pen pal in Udine Italy for years and years, so when I found a team from Udine, I became a fan!


More to follow!

Random Photos.


Grand Cayman Air Traffic Control Tower


I like it when I’m the first in line at this red light. I like to see the radiator cap and coin imbedded in the asphalt.


Trying to take a picture of myself to prove it was so cold I was wearing a jacket, long pants and stocking cap.


Climb up and bring me a coconut.


Weekend sound job


Yesterdays Chair


Travlin Tim and famous relative, who is on TV

Monday Monday

I had a pretty good weekend, considering the Wife was gone. I had a sound job to keep me busy all weekend.

It was a pretty nice weekend, had a little rain on Sunday.

Got several pictures on my phone, can’t get them off. Another formerly great program, Kies Air, got upgraded and doesn’t work at all anymore. Maybe I can get them to you tomorrow.

Have a good week!

Finally A Friday

Not that it matters, I’m working all weekend. CayTronics job.

The Wife is going to Cayman Brac this weekend because it’s her birthday weekend.

When I leave this morning I probably won’t be home till very late. The wife is working late too so I guess the dogs won’t get walked this evening.

I’ve been in a funk all week, I’m tired of being in a funk.

I just remembered I normally do Flashback Friday, I forgot..

I can’t post, I can’t think, my head is wrong.

Thoughtless Thursday

I almost wrote Wordless Wednesday for the title, but then I realized it is Thursday. Which is good, because the weekend is almost here.

My attitude kind of sucks, lawnmower stolen, I bought this audio recorder for CayTronics, and it’s a piece of crap. It had 50+ good reviews and it’s ridiculous junk. So I’m kind of depressed. The WIfe said “Don’t be depressed!” which is the worst thing to say to someone who’s depressed. I’m not really “take medicine” depressed, just got the blues. I got no money for a new mower, or the shed so someone can’t steal it when I do buy one. I got no money to waste on a recorder that I can’t use. I still have to record an event this weekend and I gotta use my over 5 year old laptop which will probably screw up. I got no money for new laptops. Need a new pool pump… On and on it goes.

I have too many “requirements” trying to get a chunk of my pay. I just gotta lay low for awhile and let my pay catch up.

All will be well in the end.

Wednesday Woes

Woke up this morning, walk dogs, feed cats, I noticed our lawnmower was gone. Our new lawnmower that was locked with a bike lock to a concrete pole. It was sitting on this kind of like a pallet to keep it up off the ground, The Wife said she noticed the pallet yesterday but didn’t think that the mower wasn’t on it. So it must have been stolen on Monday.

It makes me examine my life and try to figure out what I did wrong to deserve having my lawnmower stolen.