3 Hour Dive Done in 2!

Here is a turtle from yesterdays dive. Three of us swam underwater from Cobalt Coast Resort to Dive Tech, which is really far. current was with us all the way and the normally 3 hour dive took only two. It was too easy, didn’t have to fin a kick, just glide!!!

Inner space 2005

Today was the first day of a big annual rebreather dive week, Inner Space 2005. It was excellent! We did a dive this morning, then my new rebreather electronics arrived. It is so cool and a vast improvement over the old 2 handset style. Tonight I have to figure everything out about them. I read the manual before, but it’s different now that I have the electronics in my possession.
Also I have to figure out how to work this underwater MP3 player I’ll be testing out tomorrow. It’s good to 200 feet deep so it’s really not a toy. I’ll be doing a nice long 3 hour dive tomorrow morning and then an afternoon dive too!
Inner Space actually didn’t start till 6 PM this evening but there were a lot of rebreather divers there today and there was a lot of diving going on!

Vacation Starts!!

I’m on vacation now, and it’s all cloudy and rainy and a tropical storm in coming and it’s not even hurricane season yet!
But I don’t care! as long as the sea’s not too rough, I’ll be doing a lot of diving with my Inspiration Rebreather.

And I hope to get the new Evolution/Vision Electronics too!!!!

Anyway like I said, it’s all cloudy and rainy but it’s not all bad because my AC broke day before yesterday and I’ve slept two nights with the windows open and a fan going and there has been the most wonderful sweet smelling cool soft breeze.
It’s all good!

I put a counter on here

Well, tonight I put a counter on my blog, so I could tell how few people read this stuff.
Basically I joined Bravenet and got a piece of code that I pasted in on my template.
So far it says 000000

I am tired, I worked 12 hours today. Tomorrow is my last day before vacation!!!!! I got a lot of work to do before I go!