Wife Not Happy I’m Not Happy

hump day. The weather is kind of weird, very windy, while it has been sunny, it would rain almost everyday. I don’t think it’s going to rain anymore.
I’m getting a trailer hitch on the car so I can pull the boat so I can take it out on the water.
Nothings wrong but I don’t feel very good. The wife is having problems with her cast, hobbling around hurts her hips and legs and back. And when she’s not happy I’m not happy.
Also we’re getting an estimate for a fence around the yard. Fencing dude measured yesterday. Guesses? I predict $3000 so I’m gonna guess $5000.
Time for my first cuppa coffee so I’m gonna go! Happy Hump Day!


Let’s Cancel Today And Just Stay Home!

today-has-been-cancelledHere it is, a Tuesday. I’m not in the mood today.
Right now I’m sitting outside, watching the cats eat.
I’m ready to go drink some coffee. That is all.
Yesterday the chickens came home and wanted to go in their cage and be fed. It was the first time in a long time. They’re all big and grown up now and they don’t need me anymore. The day I came home and they were happy to see me and jumped up on my briefcase strapped to my shoulder was the pinnacle of my chicken fatherhood. I’m glad they’re healthy and happy and functioning in the chicken society.
Its all for today. I slept good, nice dreams, I don’t remember them but I remember they were nice.
I’m getting ready to head up for coffee.
Have a good day!!!!

Typical Monday

Camera 14MP-9PCIt was a good weekend, although the weather wasn’t so great. I went snorkeling Sunday, and it was a little rough, but still nice. I needed to go. The best thing I saw was a juvenile French Angel fish, pictured above.

Friday night we slept in a tent outside, because the exterminator was gassing some termites. It was not nearly as pleasant as expected, as it was windy, rainy and hot. Saturday, we put the house back together after the exterminator. (put all the stuff back in the cabinets, took down the tent, etc.)

My little video camera is weird. The underwater housing doesn’t leak unless the camera is inside.  Not many people can have their camera housing flood 4 or five times and still have the camera work. so I’m lucky. But I’m going to have to get a new housing. It costs more to ship than the cost of the housing…

And that;s it for today. Have a good week!

Logistical Friday

Today’s Friday the day the exterminator comes to kill termites. Hours before the 24 hours we cannot enter the house, because of the fumes.
Today dogs will spend the day outside. Tonight the wife and I will sleep in a tent in the yard. We’re both going into work late and we need to bring clothes for Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. We need a coffee for tomorrow morning and toothbrush toothpaste etc. Not to mention bedding and of course the tent.backyard-camping

Saturday morning first thing I’m also going to get the boat. Everybody backed out on me last weekend.

By Saturday afternoon things should be quieted down and back to normal.

Leave me a comment and tell me what I’m forgetting. Backyard camping, the necessities.

Bad news and good news and bad news

The bad news is they cleared the wooded vacant lot next to our house. Trees were just getting tall enough to block the street lights from far away. I feel like we lost our privacy in our house.


Good news is The Wife bought a new hat.


The Bad news is she didn’t get one for me. 😦
The good news is she said I can borrow hers! 🙂


Tomorrow’s Friday already!
Tomorrow the exterminators coming and I’m going into work late.

Have a goooooood day!

Found a crashed helicopter near my yard

Here we are on a Wednesday. I’m walking the dogs in the dark. There s a little girl in the sky. Glow not girl. Damn speech recognition.
Haven’t had coffee yet and I don’t know what to post about but I will tell you I found a really cool helicopter in the bush the other day. I’ve been meaning to post an ad to see if anybody lost it but haven’t yet. Here’s a picture:


It’s missing it’s tail rotor, but otherwise looks in pretty good shape. If who ever lost it wanted they can have it. But they have to tell me the story of how they lost it.

Yesterday I found out we have dry termites, apparently, they don’t need water. The only solution is a tent and gas. I need to take Friday off this week too. Plus we get kicked out of our house for 24 hours.

That’s my post for today. Have a happy hump day!