Doom Music

I’m glad it’s Friday. Although it was a short week, it seems exceedingly long. I was working Saturday(tomorrow), but it got cancelled and I’m glad for that.
I don’t know what I am doing on New Years Eve. I have no plans. I’m thinking about doing a night dive at about 11:30 PM and being underwater at midnight.
Have you ever heard of the game “Doom”? It’s a game where you basically walk around and shoot anything that moves. I played it years ago. Well, the other day, I came across a persons website who extracted the music from the game and I downloaded it. I put it on my MP3 player.
Here’s a link. I’d like it if you listened to a couple of the songs and tell me what you think. Think about listening to it while driving your car. Or (don’t laugh) many years ago, I gave this sweet little old lady a Metallica CD, AND SHE LIKED IT! She said it was great to listen to while she was doing housework.
So. . .
This music strikes me as being good to listen to whilst doing housework, driving in traffic, or if you happen to be really frustrated and you’re up on the roof with the high powered rifle, randomly squeezing off a few rounds. In other words, I think it’s great for every occasion!
I want to know what you think. There’s a lot of songs, mostly rock and rollish, but not all. Please check it out, at least a couple of songs!

Back at work

This morning I dropped the OI Girl off at the airport and I’m back at work. I have just set up my own private wireless network, of course, it’s necessary, because I have to test the router I repaired.
Hopefully I’ll be back to blogging regularly now, at least for a while!

Twas a good day

Saturday evening (last night) I went to the emergency room because the pain in my side was getting worse and worse. They X-rayed and found nothing wrong and gave me some painkillers. Last night was the first time I could sleep in several days. I slept a lot today. I said OI Girl was coming Sunday, but I had my days mixed up. She’s coming tomorrow, which is Monday (it feels like Sunday to me since I worked all day yesterday)
Here, tomorrow is the holiday for Xmas, Tuesday is Boxing Day holiday, I have Wednesday off. (I bet my boss calls at least twice), then back to work Thursday. I’m already working New Years Eve…
I hope everyone had a good Xmas

Saturday success

It’s Saturday morning, and I’m getting ready for work. I’ll be working from about 9:30 till about 5PM today.
The extermintor came yesterday. I haven’t found any live bugs since. I got this wicked tick treatment for dogs. The warning label says it may cause permanent eye damage, fatal if swallowed, user must wear safety goggles and, long pants, long sleeved shirt, elbow length rubber gloves, rubber aporon and un-lined rubber boots. I was wondering if it is even safe to use for dogs. But I did it, flip flops and sunglasses, short pants and a t-shirt. And yellow dishwashing gloves. I took him out by the street in the breeze, covered his head with a towel, and sprayed him from the neck down with a spray bottle of the stuff. (You should smell it! EWWW!) Then I put some on the towel and dabbed it on his head, not too much. Then guarded him while he dried, stopping him from licking himself.
This morning I combed him witha flea comb and got a few ticks, all dead and dried up looking. And the dog seems OK, health-wise.
Seems like a successful exterminator trip to me.

Tomorrow is the big day, Hopefully I’ll wake up, go to the beach and that’ll be it for me. On Sunday the OI girl is coming.

two days to go

I don’t have much to write about.

I guess I’ll start my xmas shopping today. That’s right, I haven’t started.

I’m taking off work early today because the exterminator is coming. Highlight of my week.

I still can’t lay down, roll over or inhale fully after falling earlier this week. My leg is a little swollen from the knee to the ankle. I’m starting to think maybe I should see the doctor.

The OI girl sent me flowers at work yesterday. My first reaction was rage. Who would dare insult me by sending flowers?! Then I read the card, “ok, she didn’t mean it as a bad thing….. cool down…cool down.” Coincidentially, she called almost immediately and I told her I got them. She didn’t think my reaction was as it should be. I hadn’t had time to adjust my attitude when she called. Then she was in a sad mood because of my reaction.
A girl at work asked me what I’m going to do with them and I told her I’m going to take them home and put them next to my pink girlie panties. That was after I tried to give the flowers away. I’m having a very hard time not being angry. Flowers are for women, not men.
I feel persecuted for not being happy about it.