Last night was a huge lightning storm. Possibly the best I have ever seen. I was studying my Trigonometry. (I think I’m getting the hang of it, but every time I say that, I suffer a huge setback.) We lost power for about an hour and I kept on studying, using a kerosene lantern for light. My dog was scared! Poor lil fella!

It will be a busy day at work. I know the lightning did some damage, we lost a studio monitor at least. I didn’t go in last night because we stayed on the air. And I’m working late today, plus I have to be there at 6AM Saturday.

First Time

Yesterday I worked my split shift. then I went and picked up the OI Girl and we had dinner at my place. A while after that, I took her home. partly so I could study (I woke up later, sitting at the kitchen table) and partly because I thought it would be better than taking her home in the morning.

All the time we’ve been together, and all the time we’ve been apart. It was the first time I ever took her to sleep somewhere else than where I was sleeping.
This mornng I woke up thinking I don’t like it a bit.
I think it won’t happen again

Building costs got me down

I couldn’t really afford to buy anything on the market here. So I saved my money, bought some land with cash. Now it seems it would have been cheaper to buy something already built. I was expecting estimates of around $80,000 to be too high and all I’m getting are quarter millions and 236 thousands for a little 2BR 2BA cinder block house on stilts!
Give me a break! For a quarter million dollars I’ll send myself to bricklayers school and build my own. The bank wasn’t reasonable, so I saved my own money. The real estate agents were elevating prices so I found my own land and bought it myself. Now I’m not going to play any games with the effin’ builders!
Do I have to do everything myself??!!!


I ended up working late last night. Didin’t make it home till about 9. By then The OI girl (still working on a new name) was in bed, asleep and I didn’t see her yesterday except in the morning.

I ended up calling the school about the triginometry. I think I got it now. . . .until I get to the next chapter. I gotta increase my pace a little bit on these lessons.

Lately I’ve been wanting to do some freediving. I have to go soon. I can’t stop thinking about it.

This post seems kind of multi-subject-ed and disjointed. That’s how I feel.

Today is the day!

In a little while I go to pick up the OI Girl. She just called and she’s at the airport, waiting to come here. I am excited! I’m going to pick her up, stop by work and say “I’ll be right back” and then take her to her new apartment and go back to work.
Traffic will be atrocious.
We have a lot to do. I have to show her the canals, the secret beaches, the woods. The diving spots.
This is a big step. It’s all good!

Oh yeah, I had a good dive yesterday, low visibility though. 75 feet, and then I went to the beach for a while and then I got my ass kicked by the trigonometry some more. I think I’m figuring it out though.

All quiet here

It’s all quiet here, sunny and raining.
My rebreather is put together and undergoing a negative pressure check. I haven’t heard from any divers, but I’m ready if they call.
Until then, I’ll be studying.
Trigononomy, can’t even spell it.
Today is my girls last day at her old job. She’ll be here for good tomorrow. Its great! Sad it’s her last day, she has had a very good life there. Her life will be much more complicated here. But I’m very glad she’s coming!

Steak ‘n Study

I received my second batch of lessons for my online course yesterday, so I’m back in the study mode.
IO Girl will be here day after tomorrow! I have to go do some shopping today. I think a little housewarming gift is in order.
My coffee is made but I haven’t drank any yet.
Last night I went out and had a big steak with a friend who was visiting for the day. His wife is friends with the OI Girl. His wife is a total vegetarian and the OI girl leans in that direction, so it was great to have a steak. The steakhouse is called Copper Falls. The way it is set up is different than most restaurants. On the menu one page has entrees, another page has side dishes, another has drinks, another has salads etc. When you order, you select one item from this page, two from that page and one item from each of the other two. (One drink is included in the price).
It is a really good system, you get to have what you want and everything has been totally fantastic both times I’ve been there.
Have a good weekend!