Saturday, Last post of the year.

It’s Dec 31, the last day of the year, last post of the year.
I hope that 2012 is better for everyone than 2011, and that you all experience and appreciate a perceptible increase in the quality of life.

Here’s a few pics to send you on your way!
The Moon and Sea from a boat at night
Two Sailboats from the beach yesterday
George Town Harbor from the deck of the pirate ship.


I remember when I was in the Navy, our ship crossed the international date line, and at least one crewmember lost his birthday. Now I have read a shocking article that says an entire country is doing the same! There are probably at least dozens who will suffer the same fate with this sweeping battleaxe move!

Article from HERE
APIA, Samoa — Sirens wailed and fireworks exploded in the skies over Samoa as the tiny South Pacific nation jumped forward in time, crossing westward over the international date line and effectively erasing Friday, Dec. 30, 2011, from the country’s calendar.The time jump means that

Samoans who had gathered around the main clock tower in the capital Apia cheered and clapped as the clock struck midnight on Thursday, Dec. 29, instantly transporting the country 24 hours ahead to Saturday, Dec. 31. The switch, also being observed by neighboring Tokelau, is meant to align the islands’ time with key trading partners in the Asia-Pacific region.

I, personally, doubt the Samoans were “cheering and clapping”, They were probably rioting like I imagine all the Plutonians did when their world, Pluto, was flippantly voted no longer a planet in 2006!

I am sure the Plutonians on Pluto rioted when their world was voted no longer a planet.

MY Navy buddy will never get that birthday back. He is probably ridiculed because suddenly, he is one year younger than all his friends now, probably still suffers the emotional anguish of actually having his birthday taken away by the US Navy. I think we need to get on boats, and go down there an help the people of Samoa recover from this disaster. No one will be born in Samoa on Dec 30, 2011, not one single soul.

Or look at the bright side, no one will die in Samoa on Dec 30, 2011 either. AND Samoa’s 186,000 citizens, and the 1,500 in the three-atoll United Nations dependency of Tokelau, will now be the first in the world to ring in the new year, rather than the last..

but at least they could have erased a Monday, not a Friday!


Lea and coconut tree

I thought it was a new type of bird, but it’s pigeon.


I’m going to do what I always do when I don’t have anything to post about. More pictures.
Today I’m taking Sheba to the vet, she has been scratching and biting herself like crazy and her belly is all red.
I have a cousin visiting and he is
New York Ranger fan, so last night we watched my Washington Capitals KICK their asses!
I ordered a bunch of stuff for the house, chairs, pipe for the downspout and a new trashcan. I hope they get delivered today.
Right now
The Wife is off at her exercise class. That means she beat me up this morning.
That’s it for today, Don’t forget that it’s time to start getting up for new years eve!

Sick and Petty Lowlife

I hope this post doesn’t offend any of my female readers, but I think these pics are both funny. This is one of those posts I’ve been trying to squeeze in there for a long time and haven’t found a way.

Why men shouldn’t write advice columns

Why Women Can’t Fix Cars
(They can’t fit underneath, HAha ha haaaa HA!)

Boxing Day Fail

It’s Boxing Day, that day after Christmas when you take all your empty boxes to the curb for the Garbage Man to pick up. Well, this morning, I was in bed about 5:45 and heard the “BWEEP! BWEEP! BWEEP!” of the garbage truck reversing down our street. I jumped up and and ran outside in my jammies to get the can to the curb, but I didn’t make it. You’re probably shocked and appalled, but despite the disgustingness and unforgivablilty of the situation, I’m going to try my best to not let it ruin my Boxing Day, and I can only hope you will not let my MAJOR faux pas diminish your opinion of me.
Yesterday was nice. It was my Brother-In-Laws (hereinafter referred to as BRINLAW) birthday, and he had a birthday brunch at Tukka, a restaurant on East End. I assure you that I have no idea why, but it seemed a lot of people were out and about, apparently celebrating my BRINLAWs BDay as well.

The Foyer of Tukka.

BINLAW, back center
After that, The Wife and I ran home for a quick nap, and then went to my main dive buddys house for dinner. Their daughter and I behaved perfectly normally and acted totally natural.

By the way, she’s a famous rock star, but I can’t tell you who here, because she’s too famous.
Then this morning I was walking the dawgs, with my camera, and, thinking myself the artistic photographer I’m not, tried tried to take some meaningful still life type artsy photos with the theme of ‘Bicycles’..

Bicycle with building construction and decay.

Bicycle Man and Horse (The Horses name is Paloma)
I hope you had a great holiday weekend!

Just another Saturday

Today is Saturday again. Not much going on today. Today is My Wifes friends birthday and we’re going to her birthday party tonight.
Tomorrow is my Brother-In-Laws birthday and we’re going to a brunch tomorrow with them.

Seems like there’s something else going this weekend too….

Here’s a couple of pictures I took yesterday, waiting for someone who never showed up….