My Pen Pal in Italy

Day before yesterday, on a whim, whilst driving to work, I called my pen pal in Italy. Giorgio. We’ve been pen pals for years, and met for the first time on our trip to Italy this year. Talking to them put a smile on my face that lasted all day. His wife,  Ada, is so cheery it is infectious, she answered the phone and we chatted for a while and she passed the phone to Giorgio.

This morning I got an email from their son, who we also met. It seems the torch has been passed from father to son.

Her we’re having rain every day. It is nice for the plants, but keeps me from riding my scooter. Our trip to Italy made me love my scooter even more!

The screenhouse/shed is coming along nicely. I am building a door for it. I’m worried about achieving the precision necessary to build a (perfectly) functional door. I expect to have the shed/screenhouse done in the next couple of days. Today maybe, weather permitting. I will post pictures when it’s done.

My wife is going to Canada on Saturday. So start making sandwiches to mail to me. Just in case.

This morning I woke up and walked outside. I immediately saw a very bright satellite. It must have been the International Space Station. it was very cool.

Have a good day!

Rather Not

I’d rather stay home than go to work today. I could mow the yard and maybe finish the screen shed. All that’s left is the side with the door on it.

Work would just be a waste of time! Of course, I’m obligated to go and I do it for the money. But still, I could get so much more good done at home.

So, the lawn and shed’ll have to wait. It’s supposed to be off and on rainy anyway…

Have a wonderful day!

Back To Work After Busy Weekend

I’ve been building a “screen house” for the wife to garden in. It’s supposed to keep cats and chickens out. he cats like to lay on new sprouts and chickens dig them up. I worked on it this weekend, and all that’s left to is build a door. I was going to buy a screen door, but they’re too big and expensive. This door will be just under 6 feet.

The weather has been weird, rain every day almost. Yesterday the weather said rain all day and it was sunny… Not scooter weather lately for ssure.

Tomorrow, at 12:33 PM, the sun will pass directly overhead here.It happens twice a year.

Saturday, the wife goes to Canada for a week. 

We’ve started a Netflix series “Stranger Things”. I think it’s a mini series of 8 episodes. Quite good. Spooky.

That’ll doer for today, have a great week! 

Finally Back Online

After 7 days and 7 hours, we have internet at the home again! And a dial tone on our landline!

Last night, I dreamed that I was a spy, and had these two suspicious packages that I thought were bombs. In the process of disarming them, I discovered they weren’t bombs,  but cinnamon roll dough. Also in the process of disarming the “bombs” I wrecked the preparation instructions, particularly the part where it tells you what size to cut the pieces. So, having no other choice, I made one giant cinnamon roll, using two packages of cinnamon roll dough, on a giant cookie sheet. Everyone was excited. (all the other spies, I guess, I don’t know who was there) 

The giant cinnamon roll was just getting ready to come out of the oven, I had the sugar icing in my hand, ready to put it on, when…

The alarm clock went off, and I woke up. 

Isn’t that the way it always is in dreams?

Have a good weekend!

Saga Continues

Yesterday, I posted my “open letter”(see previous post) on Facebook, on my and the ISP’s page. And I filed a complaint on the ICTA’S website. (ICTA’S is the regulating authority here).

Soo, yesterday afternoon I got a call, they were here to fix it. Five minutes later, I get another call, he can’t fix it, our box is dead. Need to get linesmen in tomorrow  (today) to get signal to my box.

So. Maybe we will have Internet this afternoon. It’ll have been a full week in about 10 minutes. 

Have a good day!