My Kinda Weekend Coming!

Which is better? Clear? Or Abundant Sunshine? Explain why. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen “Abundant Sunshine” in the weather report before, but I like it!

My motivation for working the res of this week just died.

Right now this minute, it is very windy and pretty cold. But ” Decreasing cloudiness” is expected.

Tonight we’re hafing guests over for dinner, and It looks like the weather will cooperate!

Have a great day!

Home Invasion Dream

I dreamed the wife and I were having a nice afternoon on the back porch. She showed me her softball glove that she just found after it being lost for years. I was teasing her because it was so tiny. Suddenly, she said “Oh crap, those guys are downstairs again”.

There were three men in the downstairs (outside) section of our house (Our house is on stilts). They were dumping liquids and seemed to be doing some chemical experiment.

I grabbed my baseball bat and went downstairs. I walked down there, right up to the first guy, cocked the baseball bat and was getting ready to hit him in the head, when I realized it was an old man, amd apparently, he couldn’t see me. He was wearing a old looking grey WWII Nazi-looking uniform.

Then I saw the second guy, and he had a gun. I ducked back behind a pole, and I knew that he didn’t know that I saw him. He was wearing a black uniform. I knew I made a mistakee, not whacking the first guy while I could. “Showing mercy was my only mistake” I remember that from the dream.

Somewhere along this time, I woke up,

I thought a long time about writing it down, but I wanted to stay in bed and try to sleep.

My wife is getting another tattoo today, a cat. I wish she wouldn’t. I like her just the way she is.

Wrng Side Of The Bed

Feeling kind of crabby. Had a good run and swim, no reason for me not to be in a good mood. My “O” seems to not be working well n my keyboard, I’ve been missing a pair of jeans I jus bought fr a pretty long time, there was a shirt in the pants section of the closet this morning. And I don’t wanna go to work. Waa Waa

Weird Dream Friday

Had a dream that I was looking for my wife. I went in this classroom and it was full of students. It was a small room, but it had many balconies gong way up high. I couldn’t find her there. There was also lots of merchandise there, and I started looking at a package of cheap rope. Before long, I had it all tangled up. I was embarrased, trying to untangle it in front of everybody when my Navy friend, Greg H, came in, sat at the desk and put his feet up. I dropped the rope in his lap and asked him to untangle it. He kind of laughed, and threw the rope on the desk, said he had to be somewhere, and left. Also in the dream was my friends daughter, Ivy S, but I don’t remember what she was doing in the dream. I just remember thinking about her.

Glad it’s Friday, Hope it’s a nice weekend. I’m working, doing a sound job.

This morning I ran, but didn’t swim, which was a mistake, because I was still sweaty when I got out of the shower.

Have a great day and weekend!

India Has Only One Time Zone

On the BBC this morning, there was a story anout India considering dividing into time zones. 3000 miles across, I was surpised they only had one. 5 1/2 hours off GMT.

On the news’ there were several interviews with people for and against. I found them quite funny.

If you can find the interviews in or near the above link, I think it would be worth your while!

Hane a great day!

Cold On The Ouside, Hot On The Inside

At night, sometimes it’s hot, and I kick the covers off, only to find that the air is freezing. I feel hot and I’m sweating, but the air seems so cold I can’t get out from under the covers.

The best way for me to sleep is with one leg covered, one leg uncovered. Both feet must be covered. The chest is alternate covered and uncovered. I musst wake up to do this.

THe other night I got up and changed T shirts because mine was soaked with sweat. I ruin pillows and stain mattress covers.

I don’t think I sweat as much when I run.

It doesn’t seem so bed when the AC is running, ours is hardly ever on. Maybe I have too much blanket…. Maybe I ought to try just a sheet…

Happy hump day!