grass cutter

Yesterday, when I got home from work, I decided to start the weedwhacker to make sure it would start for weed whacking this morning. It started and I decided to trim the edges around the driveway. The cuttings were getting all over me, so I decided to put on my coveralls.

I ended up weed whacking the whole yard last night!

Glad I’m not doing it right now!

End of Stayvaycation

Today is my last day of diving for this vacation. I have done 11 days with a deep dive on helium every day. All the depths for all the dives (except one afternoon shore dive, after a morning deep dive) were at least 250 feet!

Tomorrow is back to work.
Last night we went out to dinner, for dessert I had chocolate mousse. it was good, here’s a picture.


Most people from Inner Space leave today.
I’m still diving with a few that are left.

Last night was the good-bye dinner and raffle, I won the same kind of Dive Rite hat I won last year and a polo shirt. I gave both away. Last year I won a hat and a rEvo rebreather shirt. I gave the shirt to a girl with a rEvo rebreather (I have an Inspiration rebreather)

I’m tired right now and need more coffee. I think we’re out, I used the last two scoops just now. I’ve been seriously under-coffee-ed all week