Friday Is Coming!

It’s Thursday, but that means that it’s Friday on the other side of the international date line! And Friday is speeding aroundthe globe, headed our way!

It’s supposed to rain this weekend, and while I’m normally not a rain fan, we really need it. Yesterday the weather was showing some major rain between Miami and Havana. Now it’s not looking like so much rain will be coming  😦


I got a new backpack, very similar to my old backpack and I’m happy with it.

And now it’s time for me to make lunch, and get ready  to head off to work. And  get cuppa coffee #2!

Enjoy your day!

Whacked Out Wednsday

I spelled Wednesday Wendesday in the title and spell checker didn’t catch it.

I didn’t post yesterday because I had to go to work early. I worked from 6:30 till 4.
Today, I woke up early. I was already up when the alarm went off.

Every morning I do the same thing. Bathroom/shave then kitchen for my vitamins and BP medicine, then out to the back porch for my exercises. Then back for a shower, get dressed, coffee and post my post.

This morning I stood there with the razor in my hand, then put it down and came out and exercised.  I didn’t shave. I’m out of control.
Yesterday after work I looked for a new backpack. I have bought every backpack I have owned at one store since I’ve lived on this island. Yesterday I went to the store and they don’t carry backpacks any more. So I went to another store and they only had little kids backpacks. I ended up buying seat cushions.


See the brown and white seat cushions? Very comfy. That’s me in the photo too, BTW.

Hump day yeay!

Hava goodun!

No Title Monday

Not much to say today.  Got the blahs really bad.

I need a new backpack, I moved into a new old one that I had but I don’t like it. I need a new backpack.

Went diving yesterday, it was good.




The new version of the WordPress app I use to post posts, I dislike it. When I want to upload an image, instead of being able to steer to the folder I want, it shows all the images on the device. And I can’t see the name, I have to select by using the tiny sliver portion of the image they show you. It shows newer images first.


I’ll have to write a letter to the developer. Instagram is doing the same thing now. I’m about ready  to be rid of Instagram. I already got rid of Pinterest.

Sorry about the volume control in my screenshot.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll feel better tomorrow.

Have a good week!


New Bananas Coming!


You can’t really see in the picture, but banana batch #2 is on it’s way! Hopefully some day we’ll produce bananas more or less constantly.
Also I planted 2 more paypaya trees, and I’m trying to sprout a plum tree. Ripe Cayman plums are gooooood!

This has been a nice fast week so far, and I hope it continues to move quickly!

Have a good day!

18th Annual Fishing Tournament

Last night  was the awards night for the Cayman Islands 18th Annual Fishing Tournament.




Sir Turtles boat didn't do too well, apparently!

We went to the awards dinner last night. It was a new record for number of boats signed up. I saw a boat from the Marshall Islands! That’s really far from here. Top prize was $80,000. It was a good night!