day 15 – Abridged song challenge.

Supposed to be “a song that describes you”. I don’t know any song that describes me, but when this song first came out, before I even heard it, people were telling me it reminded them of me. I was surprised how many people..

Then I heard it and pretended not to know what they were talking about. Except when I was very young, starting to try to learn about relationships, I used to say I had “Shields” and nobody could hurt me because they couldn’t get inside my “shields”. Dumb I know. Those shields are probably why I never had anything that even remotely resembled a successful relationship till I was 30!

I would like to know what the words to this song mean to you.

I’M NOT IN LOVE – 10cc

day 06 – a song that reminds you of somewhere.

When I was in the Navy, on my first ship, there was a little room, called Aux Radio. It was kind of like a graveyard for old equipment. We found an 8-Track tape player, there and there was only one tape, Nazareth, Hair Of The Dog. Out at sea, we couldn’t pick up any radio stations, and we listened to this album over, and over and over… So, this song reminds me of being in Aux Radio, out to sea, on board the USS Somers DDG 34.
Also, when this was new, my friend had a purple 1973 AMC Gremlin, and we used to listen to this song in that car. It also reminds me of being in that car.
This song, and this album, have a LOT of memories for me.
Nazareth, Hair Of The Dog, Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman

Nazareth Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman

USS Somers ~ 1982

AMC Gremlin, ~ 1970

30 Day Song Challenge Abridged Version

On Facebook, there’s this thing going around called 30 Day Song Challenge. I decided to do an abridged version. I eliminated days I didn’t want to do, like “my least favorite song”. Why would I post songs that I don’t like? Plus, Thirty freekin’ days…. Cheeze, that’s a long time! So I needed to cut it down at any rate.

Here’s the list of what I’ll be doing for the next eleven or so days.

day 01your favorite song
day 03a song that makes you happy.
day 06 a song that reminds you of somewhere.
day 11a song from your favorite band.
day 15 a song that describes you.
day 16a song that you used to hate but now love (I switched it from ……….used to love but now hate).
day 18 a song that you wish you heard on the radio.
day 20a song that you listen to when you’re angry.
day 25a song that makes you laugh.
day 29a song from your childhood.

Day ONE. My favorite song (this minute)
The Smashing Pumpkins, Tonight Tonight. I like the video, and I like the words, and I like the music. On the posts I like the video, I’ll post the video, but if I like the song, and not the video, I’ll just post the song.

I hope you enjoy this and will keep coming back (and commenting)

UPS Whoops FedEx’s Butt

FedEx is out! They suck. The delivery sucks, the customer service sucks. I ordered critical piece of equipment for my job. They sent it FedEx. I’m tracking it. It took off from Memphis to Miami at 4:49 AM April 22. Apparently it never arrived. It must still be on the plane, which must be still in the air, over two days later

.I called customer service and yes, it’s still in transit. They don’t have any information, and can’t do anything. Their tracking is obviously inaccurate.

I paid for overnight service, and my invoice says overnight service, but Fed Exs’ website has Apr 28 as a delivery date. So my guess is that my package is sitting in Miami, waiting for the 27th. I told that to the customer service agent, and apparently he couldn’t grasp what I was telling him.

My experience with UPS has been, once your package is in the system, they get it to you as soon as they can. The fact that I have so little to say about UPS is a good thing. I like tracking my packages down here, and going to pick them up.

So from now on, if I have a choice, I’m going with UPS all the way.

My new logo for FedEx!