Crackheads gone

We had these unsavory neighbors move in a couple of months ago. They got booted out I guess at the beginning of this month because they didn’t pay the rent, but day before yesterday, the landlady went there to clean the apartment and the one guy was still there. The landlady told him he was already supposed to be out and he said he didn’t know. The landlady said she told him, so he DID know.
Yesterday I came home after work and the door was wide open, I went to the door, called “Hello!?”, got no answer and called the landlady. She came over and the place was a wreck. Really bad. She called the police because of drug debris all over the place.
I think everyone is glad they’re gone. No more cars coming for a minute and leaving, No more freaky looking dudes hanging out in the bushes around the corner. No more cigarette packs and liquor bottles all over our yard!
Goodbye Crackheads!

Finding my groove

I’ve been swimming my two mile course almost everyday since I posted about it a week or so ago. Going by my time, I’m guessing my course is a little long, but that’s OK, better than too short.
Yesterday was a good swim, it felt like I swam half way before it came natural, and the second half went better than the first. I’m looking forward to my swim today.
I think I figured out my two mile stroke!!