Big Times For British Airways and Cayman!

Yesterday British Airways flllew their 737 from London to Cayman for the last time. Tomorrow, British Airways flies their new 777 from London th Cayman for the first time!

Boeing 777 are very beautiful planes, I look forward to seeing it.

Did you know that British Air flies  direct from London to Cayman several times a week? With one quick stop in Nassau. I’ve always wanted to fly on that flight.

Glad tomorrow’s Friday! I was tinkin’ today was Wednesday!

Backed up on projects.

I have many projects around the house. 1. Fix the roof for painting. 2. Build greenhouse for wife. (Screen house really, just to keep chickens out of the garden) 3. Downstairs closet. I’ve been grappling with how it can be done well and the way I want, and I think I finally got it sorted. 4. Anti drip moulding, so rain doesn’t run down the side of the house. 5. Get house painted. Quotes are $8000. What a load of hooie. 

Big jobs all.

Forgot My Post

Had a post for today. Simple, quick, entertaining. Impossible to forget.  I can’t remember what it was. I’ve been thinking about it almost since my post yesterday, all day. Now, post time, the mind clears.



THe common factor is that I alwayys think I won’t forget…

Oh Well, Have a good day!

No News Is Good News

Quiet, uneventful weekend. Saturday, the wife had to work, and I went shopping for a new clothes dryer. (Ours died)
Then I went to the beach.

Sunday, was a hang at home day. Did nothin.

One of the few times I’m glad to have nothing to post about.

Have a good week!

UK to Leave the EU

I’m kind of surprised, anthough I figured it would be close. UK is an island(s) though, and they never adopted the Eurodollar.

Now Scotland is bothered. Part of the reason they stayed as part of the UK was to remain part of the EU.


Wonder how it will affect Cayman?

Is it Wednesday?

I’ve lost track of the days.

Yesterday my back started hurting real bad again. Today it seems better.


Here’s a happy beach rock from the beach yesterday.

I’m leaving for work early this morning. I have a friend visiting from Cayman Brac and we’re going to have a cuppa coffee.

So, I gotta  get going.