My pepper plants

yesterday, I was sitting here at the kitchen table studying, when I saw a bird land and stick his beak right down in the center of the pots I just planted seeds in! Little bastard! No wonder more than half of what I plant never comes up! I went out there and runned him off, and made sure he knew I was after him too!

Second Day Off

And I’ve already been called intosorkseveral times. Last night, this morning at 5:20 and again around lunchtime.
I haven’t been getting the studying in that I’ve been meaning to, partly because I jst got home from the beach.
I’m studying now.

First Day off

Today is my first day off of my comp time. I got up at 3:30 anyway, and have two tests almost ready to take. I’d like to get a third done today, but that may be wild thinking.
Also, right now, I seem tired and am thinking about taking a nap. If Iwas at work, I wouldn’t be tired though….

I’ll see ya!

It’s Monday, I’m at work. I’ll be here till lunchtime. Then I’m off the rest of the week. I’ll be studying, mostly. I want to finish this course. Bad. I’m still gettin up at 3:30 am and I have about 20 lessons to go. ( I feel like I’ve been saying 20 lessons to go forever. )
I’ve been putting a lot of extra time at work and I have a lot of comp time accumulated and I am going to start taking it!
I’ll be posting and studying too and swimming and going to the beach at times. So I’ll see ya!

Saturday Done

I had a good Saturday, the OI Girl worked for a while, she rode her bike to work and I went with her, then on the way riding back home I went to the beach and swam a little. Then I came home and had a little nap, then took the car and picked her and her bike up and we had lunch. Tomorrow I’m working. She’s not.
Here’s a pic of a tree stump. Uncovered by the waves. I rekkon this means there’s a little erosion action going on Seven Mile Beach, huh?

The best thing

Thanks for all the comments yesterday. We worked it out pretty well I think.
We went for our half mile swim yesterday, I had to work late and she got off early and when we got done swimming she told me she already had dinner ready. It was nice.

The best thing about getting into a “spat” is the making up!