I’m sitting in the same seat I was sitting in almost a week ago, posting on my blog again. I’m on my way back to Cayman Brac, this time just for the day. i am sure that our sound will be better than last time. pretty sure.

Dodged the bullet-for a while, or, “Beware the Ides Of March!”

My tooth broke, I went to the emergency dentist yesterday and he sent me to another dentist. He made a call and got me an appointment this morning, and I thought I was getting a root canal, what I got was an appointment for a root canal in the middle of March. I’ve never had a root canal before, and I can’t help but thinking of Shakespeare “Beware the Ides Of March!”

Back At Work

I had a good day off on Cayman Brac yesterday. We went to Peters cave, saw the OI Girls friends and had a good but busy day.
We came back this morning and went straight to work from the airport.

Heres a pic of a little kid who was sitting in front of me on the plane. He liked the taking off part best I think.

Big Time Screw Up

Yesterday, at the Agriculture Show, our sound sucked. I was using a cell phone to send the signal back to the station, and there was a problem with the equipment there, as well as a problem with the audio feed I was getting from the AgriShows stage.

There was a horrible distorted echo at the beginning, for the most important parts of the broadcast, the opening ceremoy and all the speeches by all the politicians.
My cell phone was ringng like crazy, everyong saying ” sounds like shit” I need to record this and it’s not gooe enough” “The other station sounds crystal clear”, and more.
Talk about stress and that sick-in-the-stomach feeling!
In my own defence, I was calling the studio for a solid half hour before and was getting no answer because the announcer was “out”. And although I can’t blame the announcer in any way, But because they were not answering the phone, I didn’t get to do a good sound check on the line from the stage that was giving problems.
It was really bad, that first half hour. The other three and a half, by comparison, weren’t too bad. 30899

Todays a day

I’m here, on the Brac, had a good productive day yesterday. I am looking for todays Agriculture show.
I’ve got pictures that have been on my camera that need to be transferred to my computer.
Yesterday, a picture that I didn’t get was one of a cat drinking out of the swimming pool. There are a couple of hotel cats here. It reminds me of the OI Girls cat, who I wish could be one of these hotel cats. I went looking for her three times and nover saw her. After the OI Girl moved in with me, her old neighbor had the same thing happen, their cat just disappeared. There must be a whole secret society of cats living over there in dogsville.
I still miss Tica the cat.


I sitting at the airport in Grand Cayman, getting ready to go to the Brac. I’m glad I’m glad I’m going. I’m working there today and tomorrow. The OI Girl is coming Sunday and we’re both coming back Monday morning. I think I said all this yesterday.

Wednesday of next week I’m going back to the Brac for the day.

Today is the OI Girls Birthday. I gave her a half a cup of coffee. And a necklace.

I’m pretty tired of those word verifications. A lot of times I know I get it right and it says I’m wrong. I think blogger has it wrong on their end. Someone has to match up those stupid letter pics with the text, ya know. I think that sometimes they can’t read it either.