Last Fun Day

Yesterday I had some friends over, visiting on a cruise ship. I really enjoyed myself. 

That was my last fun day for a while. Tomorrow we go to the US to see my siister, who is gravely ill. 

The doctors say she has two months to live, her husband says much less than that.

Her liver has failed completely.

I remember the day Mom and Dad brought her home from the hospital, 52 years ago.

National Puppy Day

Was YESTERDAY! Who was in charge of promoting this should-be worldwide event? Why wasn’t there more publicity and hype?  Why didn’t everyone get the day off work?
I’m glad it’s Friday. Got the van fixed yesterday. No charge, of course. It’s a beautiful, ride-the-scooter day, but I’m taking the van. 

Have a great weekend!

Cat Closet

For the past several days, our cat has been obsessed with the bedroom closet. Every morning, she meows and wakes us up and wants to go in there.

This morning we had it out. I guess I won, because she’s hiding under the kitchen table.

She was whining, and I took her to her bed on the sofa, she ran back to the closet door. I picked her up, and put her on her bed on our bed, I petted her and got her pretty calmed down, but then she went back to the closet door, meowing loudly.

I put her back on the bed and she bit me, pretty hard. I gave her a swat and told her, “If you wanna play nice, I’ll plaay nice. If you wanna play rough, I’ll play rough”. Then I went downstairs and got her kennel.

She’s been quietly laying on a chair under the table ever since.

Today I’m taking the van in for some minor issues. Sounds like a loose piece of plastic inside the horn button, the telephone microphone doesn’t work on the bluetooth stereo, and there’s this rediculous heater in the back back that needs to come out.

Allso, my sister is quite sick, and I may need to go see her very soon.

Have a good day!

File Transfer App

One of the reasons my blog has less photos on it is because I blog on my tablet and take pics with my phone. Their paths rarely cross.

Sooo I’m installing a photo transfer app to each device so I can easily move files from phone to tablet and vice versa.

Possibly not the best choice, I’d rather have something more technical that boasts transferring files instead of photos, but this one came up near the top of both devices app list so here we go.

Hopefully, soon, more photos!

More of a DIARY.

It’s Tuesday and I feel pretty good again. Last night we went to the Macabuca Monday night bbq with some friends and it was nice.

Yesterday, the weather said rain today, and I was looking forward to taking the van instead of the scooter, but now the weather says clear, so I’ll probably scoot. But maybe not. 

I guess this blog is more a diary than anything  else. I don’t know what I expected. It’s not very “cool”, which I definitely wanted.

Oh  well, I’ll keep posting.

Have a great day!