Hump Day

I had a busy day yesterday, not that every day isn’t busy. Today is my split-shift day, hopefully it will be sunny! Also today I have a follow-up check-up about my hypertension medicine. They’ll probably increase my dosage. Its borderline, about 130/80, higher during the workday.

Rain Rain and more rain

Here it’s raining and thundering and dark and cloudy. I’m freezing, I’m thinking of buying a jacket.
Here’s a pic of the view from my room, see the rainstorm on the horizon? It’s coming right at me!

PS: Look at the pool in the pic, there’s been so much rain that it’s practically overflowing!

My Dawgs Mom

Yesterday I saw my Dawgs Mom, When I first got Ditto, my dawg, I was drinking coffee at an outside place and a girl walked by who knew my dog (I got him from the pound) and my dawg definitely knew her. She was able to tell me who Ditto’s parents were and how old he was and what neighborhood he came from. It was nice to know info that you normally wouldn’t get when you get your dog from the pound.
SO, Dittos father died a while ago from heart worm and his Mom was still around and I’d see her from time to time, but then she disappeared, and I’d see her owner without her, walking down the street. BUt yesterday they were both on the porch of my workplace when I got there in the morning. And I had my camera! SO I took some pics. I think I’ll print one and put it in a frame nest to my dawgs bed. His Mom. She looks just like him, except her legs are shorter. THe face is the same, except my Dawg is much less grey.

Right now I’m on Cayman Brac for work, I’ll be here for a few days. I hope that, technically, it goes well. I haven’t been satisfied in the past and neither has a bunch of other people.

What a weekend!

I had a pretty good weekend. We went to the beach Saturday and Sunday. I went diving Sunday. I was going to dive Saturday too, but the Dawg ran away. I have learned to say fukkit when he runs off, but it was the first time he made a break for it since the OI Girls been living here. She was pretty heartbroken. I went out to get him and before too long here comes, with a chicken in his jaws, proud as punch. But later on, his feet got sore, and he was having trouble walking. I looked at his feet, and he had burned them on the asphalt, and maybe rubbed them raw running around.
Now OI Girl knows the true nature of the beast, a cold cruel killing machine.
I have been so busy at work, thats why I didn’t post yesterday.