Ditto Digsby 15 Mar 1999 – 28 Sep 2015


Yesterday Ditto died. I came home from work and he was gone.

Yesterday morning I got mad at him when he had accidents indoors, but before I went to work, we did our forehead to forehead thing and I told him I wasn’t mad at him and I loved him and told him “You is a Ditto very good Ditto baby good boy”. I’ve been saying that to him all his life, with our foreheads pressed together. That was the last time I talked to him. 24 hours ago.

Today I’m taking him to be creamated and we’ll scatter his ashes in our yard.

He was the best dog ever.


I will never ever forget him.

Nuke Att



Ashy the new cat is here! She’s a real cutie! So far things are going well.
Ashy and Sheba are giving each other their space. Sheba is more eager to be friends than Ashy.

Weird thing happened this weekend. Saturday morning I went to feed our outdoor cats and their bowls were gone. Usually I stack them up and put two scuba weights in them. We found them later, and the weights near the fence, like something dragged the bowls and weights to the fence and couldn’t get them under.
Freeky deeky!

New Cat Friday

This week was NOT fast like the previous two. I’ll be glad to get home tonight after work.

We’re getting a new cat tonight, an indoor cat. The lady is bringing her over tonight and we’ll see how she (the cat) gets on with the dogs. We’ve set up a kennel for the cat to spend her days in, and hopefully she won’t jump off the balcony.


The Wife has already named the cat Ashley. She’s been looking for a grey cat for along, coming to the conclusion that there were none on the island, when Ashley shows up at the Ritz.

So we’ll see how it goes.

Have a good weekend!



…living on the far side of the moon your whole life, never knowing there was a huge planet out of sight on the other side of the globe beneath your feet.


What if you were an astronomer living on the far side of the  moon, trying to explain why the sun behaved so strangely, not aware that it was the moon acting under the influence of Earths gravity?

On the moon, there is only one sunrise and sunset per month, and the stars are always visible, even in daytime. The sky is always black and full full full of stars, probably more stars than we’ve ever seen on Earth. You’d see all of the planets we see, except Earth.

Think what it would be like, living on the far side of the moon.

A Cat Drinking Water


I tried to post from my phone, but WordPress isn’t set up on it yet, so I emailed this photo to my tablet and I’m posting it here. The Wife has found a new cat she wants, an indoor cat. We’ll get her if we can. We have two dogs and five cats already, but the cats are all outdoor cats. The dogs are indoors.

Bad headache this morning. My neck. Owie! Plus bad brain damage from sleeping.

Ciao for now!