Friday! What More Can Be Said?

It’s Friday, Our audit at work finishes today, (did I mention that earlier?)

Lookking forward to the weekend, not the meetings today at work.

The C25K is going well. Run 90 seconds, walk 90, run 3 minutes, walk a little run 90 seconds, walk, run 3 minutes. I enjoy it. Down to 4 runs from 8 when I started. 

Here’s my todays:

Have a great day and weekend.

Audit Week Atwerk

This week is our almost-every-two-year audit. For some strange reason, I’ve actually been looking forward to it.

Still doing the C25K. I like it too.

Thinking I should give up cigars, but I don’t want to.

I took pictures of yesterdays sunrise that I wanted to post today, but now I can’t find them… Here’s a pic of me instead.

Flashback Friday Foto

Here’s a picture of me I found at my Mom’s house. I think it was about 1989. I was 29 in 1989.

I remember that leather coat, I got it from an American Express offer. I loved that coat and had it many years.

Friday! It’s FRIDAY! Supposed to be cloudy and rainy till Sunday night though…

Still, we need the rain.