Cigars Are More Like Pie & Coffee Than Cigarettes & Tobacco


I miss my Cigars. I haven’t smoked a cigar in probably 8 or 10 weeks.

Cigars are more like pie and coffee than cigarettes and tobacco. I used to smoke cigarettes when I was in the Navy, I quit when I got out. With cigarettes, you gotta smoke a cigarette every 10 minutes or you go crazy. Cigars, if you’re on a plane or in  a meeting, no big deal. You never NEED a cigar like a cigarette smoker needs a cigarette.

Nope, cigars are more like pie and coffee. After you have a good slice of pie and a cuppa great coffee, you sit back and think, “Dang, that was good. I look forward to when I get to do that again.” You don’t become addicted and need pie and coffee every 10 minutes.

Exactly like a cigar.

Weird Weekend Weather




Weird weather  going on around here all weekend. To start off, we had this tropical depression headed upstream against the wind toward us, but it curved south and got killed over Belize. Then we had a cold  front and a stationary front move in at the same time. Second picture. Since then we’ve been stuck with an almost stationary cold front, moving back and forth over us, giving us rain and clouds all weekend.  And strong winds at times. Where the low is in the above picture,the wind is making a circular pattern, like a depression or a hurricane forming.

And this morning, below


The depression/hurricane forming is much stronger looking, although the front is moving south more and HOPEFULLY we’ll get less rain and maybe even some sun.

Just in time for the work week….

Change of Plan (Hopefully)


See that gray cone on this picture? That’s a tropical depression,  9 I think. Yesterday the cone showed the storm coming straight at us, now it’s cruising more over land, which weakens it, which is good.

Yesterday was not as rainy as I expected which is good, tomorrow is Friday, which is also good, so things are looking pretty good! I vowed to swim at lunch rain or shine anyway….

Have a good Thursday!