Firehouse Pond

Do you know what Geocaching is? If not, look it up HERE.

Next to my building at work, is the airport fire station. And next to that, is a small pond.

I think it would be an excellent place for a geocache. Therre’s lots of iguanas and turtles, although I saw no turtles yesterday, when I took these pics. It’s near the airport, which means it would get lots of visitors. I work nearby, so I could easily maintain it. Plus, I’ve been thinking about putting one there for a long time. I think I’ll make it happen!

Yesterday there was a chicken checking me out at work, usually, they don’t come too close, in fact, a lot of the time they squalk and run away as soon as you open the door. But this one wasn’t scared, she came within touching distance, although she had moved away by the time I whipped out my camera.

It might be a ‘he’, not a ‘she’…

And it’s Wednesday! Have a great hump day!

Sunday Night Astronomy

Sunday night the moon was very close to a planet, Venus, I think. I took the above pics with my phone. The first is no zoom, the second, maximum. In the zoomed-in pic, you can see the man-in-the-moons nose and it looks like he’s getting reay to give somebody a kiss. I asked my wife to take the same pics with her new phone, which is supposed to have a very good camera, but they looked about the same.

I didn’t run this morning, my foot was a little swollen last night. Think I did something to it at the beach yesterday, more than I think I hurt it running. It’s alright this morning.

Have a great day!

Monday Mood

This image depicts my mood this Monday. Especially considering the hard time I had uploading it! I had to shrink it to a nearly unseeable, microscopical size before it was under the Whiney WordPress 2 megabyte limit.

Actually, I found this GIF image earlier and was saving it for a Monday to post it. I think it’s hilarious! My favorite part is when he kicks the guy in the wheelchair. And when he headbutts the woman at the beginning. As far as Mondays go, my mood isn’t all that bad. I’d rather have a few more days off, of course.

It was a good weekend, I had tacos, I got the other door replaced. I rested and read a lot. Now it’s back to work on another prefect Caribbean morning.

I got up earlier than usual this morning, I ran my streetlight pattern, my foot hurt a little, but not at the part that was broken, more like on the ball of the foot. I’m sure it will be fine after I get going again.

Have a great day!

TacoS Aturday!

Yesterday morning (or maybe Friday) I said to the wife, “I feel like eating some tacos, but not fancy restaurant tacos, grocery store shell, homemade American tacos.”

She came home from the store yesterday aternoon with all the fixin’s!

She had hers on some soft tortillas we already had, but she had one of the crunchy taco shells, just to “try them out”. (They were a new spicy kind). So, mathematically speaking, I ate 11 tacos. probably a pound of hamburger. All the cheese and lettuce, and all the tomatoes. There were no leftovers.

Yeah baby! That’s what I’m talking about! It sent my calorie counting app over the top!

Today, Sunday, Croatia VS France in the World Cup Final. I won’t be watching, because my neighbor and I are changing that second door. But GO CROATIA!

Have a great day!

WARNING: Don’t Stick Sticks in your AC Fan

I don’t know how well you can see the picture above, but it’s warning us not to stick sticks in the air conditioner fan. Who knew? I was just getting ready to stick a big ‘ol Lincoln Log in there.

Five years, and I never saw that warning till yesterday. My first thought was “Did somebody just replace this AC?” but nope, same old unit, warning me for years, and I never saw it.

About six months ago, I was on the back porch, and all of sudden our AC fan started making all this noise. Turns out an iguana had breeched the screen guard and quite destructively ended his life in our fan. I had to clean it out. It was yukky. Guts ‘n’ parts. Everywhere.
It’s Friday! I feel greatly relieved, because now I know you won’t be sticking sticks in your fans.

Have a great weekend!

Nuthin For Nuthin

I got an award for one connection.

After more than a decade of almost-daily blogging, I got an award for 20 “likes”. Without even having that feature on my blog. Maybe I’ll win the Nobel Peace Prize today!

While my foot was broken, I continued to get emails about placing high in some Garmin Step Challenge that I didn’t even know I was in. Hmmm, I’ve been laying on my back for a month, the step challenge must be a load a crap. I don’t even know who the other participants are.

Is this an example of what’s going on when people talk about “participation awards”? When every competitor wins an equal prize so the losers don’t feel bad? I don’t think this is a good practice. I think the effect would be more that the winners quit trying more than the losers try harder. Bad for society, bad for all the individuals, bad for productivity, bad all around.

It certainly isn’t my intention to post a negative post. I feel good! I actually ran this morning, my streetlight to streetlight run/walk/run/walk. My foot started hurting a little, but feels ok now, so I’m going to start picking up on the running again.

Had a couple friends over last night for a birthday dinner. Yesterday daytime it was rainy, and I didn’t go to the beach, but today is supposed to be sunny and it’s a definite beach lunch day. And let me tell you, it’s hot already. Steamy from the rain yesterday. And the sun’s barely up.

Have a great day! I gotta go get ready for work!

Day Late Dollar Short

The local newspaper finally picked up my story about the alien pig elephant..

Read the Cayman Compas HERE.

I liked the elephant speech post I posted previously. RE-reading it now, it’s quite weird, and not that funny. I put it on Facebook and it didn’t get one single like or comment. Kinda hurt my feelings.

I have a warped sense of humor.

But you heard about the elephant here first! About a full week before anywhere else!

If I celebrated birthdays, I’d do it today. 58.

AND, all the Thailand cave boys, and coach have been rescued from the cave!

Have a great day!