When I was younger, I was pretty much constantly reading. I remember the Weekly Reader Childrens Book Club at elementary school. Every few months we’d get to order books. I remember walking in class in the morning and seeing the big box on the teachers desk, and being soooo excited!

I remember reading by flashlight under the blanket when I was supposed to be sleeping. Similarly, I remember reading in my bunk on my ship in the Navy. Books circulate the ship among the readers, shipmates give you a book, and tell you how good it was, or asking if I could read that when you were done, only to be told that they ahd to give it to so-and-so, who was supposed to give it to so-and-so, being third or fourth in line. Finally I’d get it, all worn out.

I think that as my interest in compters went up, the time I spent reading went down, to the point where I went a decade or so hardly reading at all.

Well, I’m back to continous reading! And I’m surprised I ever slowed down. Book reading is good! Right now I’m reading Stephen King, Outsider. It just turned weird. I loved Ready Player One, that might be what got me going again, I saw the movie then read the book. Both were good, the same, but totally excellently different. And now I have a long list of books lined up. And I’m excited about it!

Tuesday morning, nice looking day, gotta head out to work in a minute.

Have a great day!

Cute Kitty Pics

Above are a couple of pictures of our cat, Ashy. Because I have nothing else in mind to post.

It was a very nice weekend. Saturday, went shopping with the wife, bought two doors for the front of our house. And had lunch.

Sunday, installed one of the two doors, and that door is so nice! It actually works perfectly! The old door never worked, you had to bump the holy hell out of it with your butt, really hard, to get it open, and you had to slam the holy hell out of it (several times sometimes), to get it to close. Next weekend, God willing and the creek don’t rise, we’ll put the other door on.

Good news in the news, they got five (so far) of the boys soccer team out of the Thailand cave. And the FIFA head honcho has invited them to go to the World Cup Final. Read it here. I hope they get all 12 of them and the coach, out OK. And I certainly hope hope the coach doesn’t get in trouble for taking them in there in the first place, which I rekkon he might, once everybody’s out and has time to start thinking about it. The coach is in his ’20s and is still a boy too, in my book.

Today is the sixth week since the day I got my boot-cast on my broken foot. put on, and if I didn’t get it off early, today’s the day I would have gotten it off. Today is the first day I’m wearing my regular shoes, instead of my boots.

And that’s about all I have for today, have a fantastic week!

Normal Reptile Sunday

Keeping with tradition, and following in the custom of bloggers everywhere since the days of Adam and Eve, I decided to post a reptile Sunday, where you post pictures of all the reptiles you’ve taken pictures of during the past week. So here’s mine:

This snake is headed in to work after a rough partying weekend.

Snake on the deck at my wife’s workplace.

Curleytail in the sun.

Boo-Boo the curleytail with some of her babies all piled up.

Iguana in the rain gutter. (This one’s not stuck, like the one the other day)

Green iguana, sittin’ on a fence.

Today we’re supposed to put the doors in, yesterday, after I didn’t think it was going to happen, all the pieces fell into place and we’ll be putting them in. I hope it goes well, quickly and easily. I forgot to buy new thresh-holds and hope we can use the old ones. They seem fine.

Have a nice Sunday!

Suddenly Slow As Snails Saturday

The guy who was going to help with the doors today backed out. Apparently, some other job came up. So suddenly, my full day is empty.

The pictures above are two snails having a chat last week on the sidewalk at work.

I really need to get the door changed out, it’s probably quite easy, but I’d like to have someone with some experience guiding me.

The frame is rotted. Notice the hinge screws laying on the porch as well…

Several months ago, I started some concrete work on the roof. Just mending some joints in the corners. Someone told me how to do it, and I started, but it was coming out messy. So now I’m on the verge of paying someone to come and do it for me. I know it will cost a lot. Too much. These household projects are getting away from me!

The wife liked her phone! They didn’t have any color except black, but I also got a cover/case that is a similar color as the phone in yesterdays picture.

And it’s going to be a nice, sunny day!

Have a good one!

First Day Back In Fins

First off, it is with great sadness I report the death of one of the rescue divers in the Thailand Boys Stuck In A Cave situation. It changes the tone of everything.

Sanan Gunan, former Thai Navy diver and hero who gave his life for others.

Yesterday I went snorkeling for first time in fins since “the accident”. They were fine, my foot started getting sore after about a half hour, so I headed in.

It was pretty wavy, and the visibility wasn’t too good, but I took a few pictures.

Boxfish and friend

The same boxfish.

A plain ‘ol fish.

In fact, that’s just about all the pictures I took…

Glad it’s Friday, it seemed long, for a short week. Tomorrow I plan on changing out our two upstairs outside doors and doorframes, all the way to the brick. I have a rotten door frame. I have a friend who knows what he’s doing doing it and I’m helping.

Last night, I rode my scooter for the first time in about two months. It was a pain to start, the break lever is sitcky and the kickstand is in need ot a lube job. I also broke the plastic next to the gas cap, because the cap wouldn’t go back on properly after I got gas.

My wife needs a new phone. I think I’m going to go get her one as a surprise today. A Galaxy S9.

I’ve been wanting to get her one for a while, and she keeps telling me to wait. I’ll wait till after I go to the bank this morning…. Supposed to have an excellent camera!

Have a great weekend!

Lame Scam Attempt

I have my old tablet advertised on the local sell-stuff website, I don’t really expect to sell it, because it’s a good tablet and I’m not giving it away.

So I was mildly surprised when I got a response last night.

Anyway I responded to his email, and he replied:

The numbers I’ve drawn on the picture are the order in which the emails went back and forth.

I was suspicious when he asked i my item is still “for sell” instead of “for sale”. Although I can’t type a single, solitary sentence without making a typo, I’ve noticed fakes also can’t spell and/or type.

But I replied, ready for the stomach-punch when he tried to negotiate the price.

But that never happened. He’s in the US, and is going to send me extra money to ship it.

If you’re in the US, buddy, why don’t you go down to the corner and buy a new one? Notice at the top of the original Ecay message, “DON’T SHIP ITEMS”.

I didn’t hear back after my “nope” response. I coulda played him on for longer, but nobody got time for that!

Although that Nigerian Prince that has me for as his long lost, sole surviving relative still hasn’t been able to give away all that cash!

Have a great day!

LATER: I just received this email… Ya think?

Scum Of The Earth, Apparently

Next month I’m going to visit my mom for the weekend. I bought my ticket off of Travelocity. Now, apparently, to the airlines, I’m the scum of the earth, or at very best, a third (or lower) class traveller.

I didn’t get assigned a seat, so I went over the the airlines web page, and found out that with my ticket, I don’t ever get to pick my seat, and I can’t even use the overhead bin!

I just wanted a normal ticket, not a lower-than-I-knew-existed class ticket. At no time did I check a checkbox marked “No Class”, or “flies strapped underneath the plane class”.

I’m already dreading this flight.

Usually I use American Express Travel, and I will only use American Express Travel from now on.

As soon as I post this post, I’m headed to the Travelocity website and complaining. I didn’t do anything to feel like I’m being treated like crap.

Had a good walk this morning, thought about trying a little running, but didn’t. My foot hurts, but not where it was broken. I decided that I’ll wait the till the full six weeks is done before I start running again.

Here, looks like rain, weatherman says 40%. I have a new umbrella, it won’t rain.

Happy Independence Day, USA! Normal workday here.

Have a great day!