Not Normal

This morning the dogs were so eager to go outside that I took them out before my shower instead of after. I thought I had to go to the bathroom but they just stood staring up the road.

The cats had a mouse in the driveway and when I walked up the cats cleared away the mouse ran off. I stepped on it.

This day is definitely starting differently than a normal day.

Now I have to exercise and shower and drink coffee. Have a good day!


Caymanian Status

Yesterday I was granted Cayman Status after 17 years and 21 days on the island. This is my final immigration hurdle and I am now (on paper) the same citizen as someone who was born here.CAYMANI came here on vacation in July of 1996, on Feb 4th 1997 I started living here, with every intention of staying as long as they’d have me.

Hopefully now that will be as long as I live. There’s no place I want to go and no place I’d rather be than here.

I’m proud and honored and humbled.

Good Monday

I’m at work. I was uploading some pics and videos from the new camera, and they were still uploading when I had to leave. Now, apparently they are still uploading at home, so I can’t insert them into this post.

I couldn’t upload to Facebook yesterday, perhaps something needs investigation..

Maybe tomorrow.

Blog Neglect

After reviewing my posts for the past week, I am amazed that I forgot to tell you that last weekend I went diving, and flooded my video camera. I apologize for this gross oversight.

On the bright side, I’m getting a new video camera, and I expect it to arrive today!

drift ghost s

Drift Ghost-S Action Camera

The camera is waterproof to 3 meters, (10 feet) which isn’t good enough for my needs, so I also ordered:

drift uw caseThe underwater case, good to 60 meters or 197 feet.

So I should be good to go again for awhile. This is a far superior camera and I was pretty impressed with the old one, so we’ll see how it goes! I know I’m gonna like it!