I am tired of this crap..

Public Letter to everyone, especially FLOW, LIME, Cable & Wireless, Candywhacky, whatever you want to call them. I am tired of this crap..

On Thursday morning, 14 Jul 2016, about 0630, my home (and small business) internet went down. I didn’t think too much of it, because service by our internet provider, FLOW, is always intermittent and drops out frequently. When I got home Thursday afternoon, internet was still down, so I called 811 and spoke with Dwayne. He gave me Reference number 2016-07-14-300135. no internet, no dial tone. I expected a repair on Friday. It was my understanding that the company policy is to respond within four working hours.

Friday afternoon: Still no internet, and no calls, emails or any response whatsoever from the ISP. I called again and their automation computer incorrectly said that I had reported problem Friday, (I reported it Thursday, not Friday), and said a tech was scheduled for Monday. Unacceptable! I hung up and called back immediately, entered different menu options, the only way to get a human with the horrendous automation system. I spoke with Eric who could provide no explanation why nobody came Friday, and said they don’t work Saturdays, when I asked for 20% off my bill, (I told him: “Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday, that’s 20% of a month”) he said he would send someone Saturday instead of Monday.

Saturday, nobody showed up and no response again, I called and got the same Eric, he denied saying he would send anyone Saturday. He said a tech was scheduled for Monday.

Monday afternoon, still no response from the ISP, I called and talked to Narina- She asked me what country I was in, very promising! She said no one at that call center can EVER tell me when a tech will come. I asked if all the other reps I had talked to previously and in all the years past were lying when they gave me dates techs (allegedly) would come. She said she couldn’t tell me when a tech would come and then she hung up on me.

Now it’s Wednesday, still no response whatsoever from FLOW.

Our home internet goes down hard approximately every six months, and requires a tech to come out. It usually takes a few days, although, like I said previously, my understanding was that the company policy is four working hours to respond. Often, FLOW reps promise a date the tech will come, nobody shows up. Also, they used to come on Saturdays.

I never get the speed I pay for. My plan is for 15 MB per sec, I usually get approximately 8 MB per sec. Sometimes 10. but never 15.

My home internet has been out now for seven days tomorrow morning, that’s a quarter of a month. I will never get a 25% discount on the fee I pay for something Im not getting. It is theft!

I have been a C&W, LIME and FLOW customer for 18 years, except briefly, when AT&T came, I switched immediately, then Cingular took over, then Digicel, who forced me back to Cable and Wireless. C&W has been continuously problematic for 18 years. They exist only because of their exorbent prices and because their customers have no other choice.

Logic does not provide service in my area, and Digicel cannot guarantee my internet speed requirements.

I am really tired of you, a company who has never, in 18 years, been able to reliably provide the service they are in existence to provide.

Switching Today

Today I’m getting new internet and cell phone service. Tomorrow will be a week of no internet and not a peep from our ISP. I’ve been calling them every day, except yesterday. 

Sorry I  haven’t replied to your comments. 

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Today is my grandfather’s birthday. Damon E. Grim. He was born July 18, 1895. He’d be 125 years old if he was still alive. He’s my favorite relative of all time. Happy Birthday!

Still no Internet. No shows by the repairman Friday and Saturday. Supposed to come today. I’m using expensive mobile data to upload this.

Started building a “screenhouse” this weekend. It’s a place to grow vegetables that keeps  chickens out. Sorry, no pics, expensive mobile data used to upload this.

Have a good week!

No Internet again

We’re getting ready to switch to the competition. They cannot be worse. Not possible.

Uploading this using my data connection. The ISP makes the internet intermittent, then people turn on their mobile data. And then the ISP makes more money! Brilliant!

Angry this morning. Internet and other things.

But it’s Friday!

Good Morning!

I was sleeping good when the alarm clock went off this morning, but when I  turned it off, I was quite awake.

I put 6 cups of water into the coffee maker and got only two cups out.. This has happened before and it’s quite weird.


This mornings sunrise.

The week is going fast and I’m glad.

Happy Day of Humps

This morning I thought it was Tuesday, it was counting my shirts that got me back on track. Two already worn this week, not one.

I’ve been reading about the train crash in Italy. We were just there, in the north. The crash was in the south. Still, two trains, 100 km/hour each. Head on. Dang.

Frustration level is medium-high this morning. Don’t wanna go to work.

Have a good day!