When In Doubt: Photo Out!

Last week, when I was preparing my computer (clearing disk space) for the recording job, I found more than one folder entitled “Phone Photos” These had the pictures from my phone that I dump on my computer at random intervals. It seems a pity, because I sorted them by date, some from WAY back it 2012, and now the pictures are in storage, never to be seen or appreciated.

So, like the title implies, When In Doubt, Photo Out!

Dec 16, 2012 000

Giant Moth


Using the Fire Dept Cherry picker to put up an antenna


The cats, Superior Seven

Having just scattered the contents of a few folders out to many folders, assorted by date, I find that I cannot find too many of the pictures I just re arranged. Typical.

0 responses to “When In Doubt: Photo Out!

  1. You have SEVEN cats? OMG . I don’t know if you are aware of this little fact, but I don’t like cats!
    Who is the cat lover in your home? You or your wife?

    Each to their own though… do they fight each other at all? Who is the ‘Top Dog…cat’?
    lol that sounded funny.

  2. Ahh how silly of me to not know that!
    I’m the top dog in my house!
    Have a lovely Friday mate, and enjoy your weekend.
    It’s midday saturday here.

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