Tuesday Ewwwsday

Oh Brothah. I am so tired this morning. I went to bed at 10:15ish, could not sleep, Laid there. Ditto dawg farts gagging me. Midnight got up and walked them. Two o’clock, got up and went out on the back porch, smoked half a cigar. 3 o’clock, back to bed. sleep. 5 o’clock, got up to P. 6 am, alarm goes off, and I’m up.

Here it has been very cold and cloudy and windy since Sunday, maybe it will clear up today.

On a different note, here’s a picture of a kid jumping off a cliff. because The Pic Makes The Post!

Feb 15, 2013 000Have a good day! Stay awake till it’s time to go to sleep!

I Have Had It With Word Verification

vordverI just counted, I follow 67 blogs. And every time any one of them posts a post, I read it and usually I comment. I don’t feel like I get as many comments as I give. Maybe everybody else doesn’t feel the same way about comments as I do. I’ve come to the point that I don’t expect many comments.

One thing I cannot stand, is the word verification. I’ve posted about it before HERE. Blogger and WordPress and everybody has good spam protection. Word Verification is unnecessary and insulting. A person can turn it off and on at will. So someone can turn it off, and if they have problems they can turn it back on. Or, if someone does spam them they can simply “mark as spam” and the problem is solved. Don’t punish everybody for the actions of the extreme minority. Most of those with word verification on are those who post, expect (and sometimes get) a lot of comments, but never ever comment on anybody else’s blog. They’ve never experienced the frustration of word verification. Some people have word verification on AND comment moderation. They are the lowest of the low.

I’m not commenting on any more blogs that have word verification. Look at the above picture, can you read those? A lot of time I type more on the word verification than I do the comment. “Please prove you’re not a robot, type the words below.” That pisses me off right there. Neither is a word, one is a jumble of letters and the other is numbers. Those aren’t words.

I could go on and on.but I won’t. Maybe I will… Later.

Flashback Friday: Johnny Walker

Not that one, the other one.
Keep walkingI went to Bradley 6th grade school with a kid named Johnny Walker. Not the booze, the kid.

So one day, it was before school, I walked into the classroom and Johnny Walker slapped me on the back with a chalky eraser. We started duking it out and wrestling all over the classroom. It was early so there were no teachers. We wrecked the whole classroom, tipped over all the desks and scooted them from their neat grid to a train wreck of a circle around the edges of the classroom, we spilled everything that was in jars in the class, and generally destructively re arranged the furniture. The hallway was full of kids watching. We were pretty evenly matched.

Finally a teacher turned up and broke it up. We were following the teacher to the principals office and Johnny looked at me and broke out in this big toothy grin. I smiled back and we both started laughing.

We were pretty good friends from then on.

Happy Valentines Day!

Remember when you were a kid, and you got a new toy, and you were at school and the toy was at home, and you were excited to go home and play with it? That’s the best way I can describe being married to my wife, it’s like a new toy, Only it doesn’t wear out. Whenever we’re apart, I can’t wait till we both get back to the same place at the same time!

We’ve been together a long time, (more than half a decade), and it just gets better and better.

My SunshineHappy Valentines day to my Sunshine!

Asteroid Flyby

This big rock flying through space is going to buzz the Earth the day after Valentines Day. It will pass closer than our man made satellites for GPS. Kind of like a car flying off the highway into your yard, passing between the house and the swingset but (hopefully) missing everything.

Just FYI.

4179 Toutatis ASStroid asteroid-flyby

Bird N’ Wasp

I had an alright weekend. I stayed home, getting over the cold I mentioned last week. I put my new camera in the birdbath and got some pretty cool video. Here’s a one hundred and seven second video from yesterday. Bird extreme closeup gets run off by a wasp.

[jwplayer mediaid=”9272″]bird n wasp

It’s Monday, blah, but Wednesday is a holiday, so I prefer to think of it as two days on, one off, two on, two off. Then time to rethink my philosophy.

Have a good week!