Monday Monday

I had a pretty good weekend, considering the Wife was gone. I had a sound job to keep me busy all weekend.

It was a pretty nice weekend, had a little rain on Sunday.

Got several pictures on my phone, can’t get them off. Another formerly great program, Kies Air, got upgraded and doesn’t work at all anymore. Maybe I can get them to you tomorrow.

Have a good week!

0 responses to “Monday Monday

  1. I had my SKY+ box replaced today, since the old one had stopped working. The SKY+ replacement worked beautifully for one whole full hour before up and quitting too. Ho hum. Yeah, happy ******** Monday to you, too!

  2. I have Kies Air on my phone and have been afraid to use it because of it’s implication. Doesn’t look to me like quality programming there. Now with the issues you are having, you have just confirmed it.

  3. Why is it that “upgrades” always work worse than the old grades. Google “upgraded” Picasa on my computer and now I have trouble with editing my photos. Eek.

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