The WordPress App Challenge Game

When I read your blog posts on the WordPress App, I play a little game. When I click your post to read it, I try to click the “internet” button in the upper right corner before the page has time to load in the app.

Try it! If you have fast internet, you have to be pretty quick!

Plus then, you’ll have the advantage of seeing the real webpage you’re tying to look at, instead of the WordPress condensed version. The blog you’re visiting will get the stats from your visit, their counters will count. You might see a comment from someones blog you’ll want to follow, or you might even leave a comment yourself!

The WordPress App is like wearing a raincoat in the shower. It’s wet but you don’t quite get the accurate experience. Compare WordPress to other readers. WordPress is a great app for posting, but the reader section is weak.

You might say “I like the WordPress App just fine.” I like it too, but there are gross limitations with this app. The worst kind of problem is one that you’re unaware of. Increase you awareness. Investigate. Explore.

Try my game!

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