Remember My Post About Stealing A Train?

Remember I posted about a dream I had in which I stole a train? You can read it here.

I found this Pinterest picture that reminds me of that dream. It kinda has the locomotive and kinda has the pier type thing I was jumping across to, or this also is similar to the scond station, where I reversed the train, minus the booths on the sides I’m surprised how well I still remember that dream.

I think this is a pretty cool picture, but my train wasn’t old timey like this, it was ultra-futuristic. But it was tall like this picture.

It’s a Saturday morning, the sky is actually more than half blue.

I’m drinking coffee from a new coffee pot, that the wife brought home from Scotland. My call is that the coffee is a bit weak. Whoever made the coffee must not have put enough coffee in there. (That would be me)

The one on the left is a four cupper, the new one is a nine cupper.

I guess that’ll do-er for today, have a great weekend!

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