Wrong way to start the day

I got up, went running / swimming. Got dressed and made coffee. Looked down at my brand new cuppa joe, and there was a bug floating. I don’t know if he was in there before I poured, or if he somehow landed in there from the steam. I suspected the former, because he looked like he’d been dead for a while, so I dumped the coffee.

My espresso maker I use for coffee, was too hot to make another so I was sufering, until my Wife made me a fresh cup using her French Press.

Thank God, I coulda died.

And no I’m geting ready for work.

Last night we had Louisa and Mike and Kurt over for dinner. I made a whole tenderloin, my favortite thing to make. And I used big red potatoes instead of the normal baking potatoes and they were great! Much better than the baking potatoes.

So, have a great day! Avert disasters like I did today, thanks to my Wife!

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