Burger Flipping Robot

Burger-flipping robot begins first shift

I worked at a McDonalds in high school for one week, and turned in my two weeks notice to quit. Crappist job ever. I’d report for work, and the manager would have me take my break first, then run me like a slave the whole shift. He was an asshole. Wore tuxedo pants and vest with his uniform. This was 1977.

So good, burger flipping robot. In response to the fast food workers crying for more pay. It’s a minimun wage job kids. You work there part time to earn some money while you’re a kid, then you get a better job with more pay. You don’t thnk you’re going to be a burger flipper forever, and buy houses and raise families with an ever-increasing salary.

Today, I’m getting the van serviced, and the cat’s getting serviced too. Cat has ear mites, we think. van needs an oil change and a leak fixed.

Have a great day!

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