UFO In California and Arizona

There are few stories about UFOs seen in Arizina and California. Turns out they a SpaceX roocket launching iridium satellites. Iridium satellites are cool, They are about the size of a telephone booth, I was told, and have mirror-like antennae. As they rotate in orbit, they reflect the sun down to earth and you can see them. They are called Iridium Flares. You can see them just after sundown or just before sunrise almost every day, look at www.heavensabove.com. But this post is not about Iridium Flares.

Above is what people thought was a UFO, there’s some cool videos out there too. Below is a summary of a news article that I didn’t save the link for.

(Reuters) – Iridium Communications Inc said on Wednesday its 10 satellites, launched last week by tech billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX, are functioning as expected.

On Wednesday, Iridium said the 10 Iridium NEXT satellites are in early stages of testing and validating process.

Friday’s launch was the fourth set of 10 satellites in a series of 75 total satellites that SpaceX will launch for Iridium.

I’ve been on vacation for one week today, the time is winding down. I got rained on pretty good during my run this morning. Completely unexpected. I had all the chair cushions out in the back porch too, airing them out you know. Supposed to be sunny today.

Have a great day!

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