Bad Newish Mattress

My wife has been complaining of a backache in the mornings. Last night she slept on a different mattress, from our roll away guest bed and whalla! No backache. Now she wants to get another new mattress. Our curent mattress is about a year old. I said she should determine exactly what type she wants before we get one, ya’know, make and model. I was slightly distressed to learn that she intends to just go and pick one, like we did last time.

I don’t care so much about the mattress as care about the money. They cost over $1000.

One response to “Bad Newish Mattress

  1. I hope she can get one that has a ‘trial period’ … so if after a month it isn’t right she can change it. Seriously, getting the right mattress can be a hard job.

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