I was looking forward to running today. But before I even ot outside, I could hear the rain, beating against the house.

My Wife is headed to Fort Lauderdale today, to visit some Costa Rican friends who used to live here. She’ll be back Monday.

Monday is our first holiday since about July. Long weekend coming up!

I really wanted to run this morning, I wanted to do two miles intsead of my normal one.

Have a good day!

Bluetooth Earpiece

I love my bluetooth earpiece, they look nerdy, hanging fom your ear, but I cannot stand losing a hand while I hold the phone up to my ear.

I lost mine last week, I laid down on a dock, and it fell from my ear, right between the crack in the boards, and into the water. Quite funny, really.

I made exactly one phone call before I went out and bought another, but it does not have the features of my old one.

My old one, all the audio on my phone came over the earpiece, music, I could hear the videos, WhatsApp calls everything. My new one, only the actual phone call comes over the earpiece. I used to love listening to music during meetings at work or sittting at my desk. Plus,it was only in one ear, so I could still hear what was going on around me.

I need to go get a better one, more like my old one. My old one was a Plantronics, my new one is a Samsung.

My new one, Samsung Basic.

My old one, but it was white.

I gotta get on it today, I really don’t like my new one.

That’s my post for today.

Do you have one? What kind? Do you like it?

Have a great day!

Scattered Rain? Very Scattered!

Yesterday was supposed to be clear, according to the weatherman. It was clear in the morning, when I rode my scooter to work. By lunchtime, it was clear to the north, but at the southern beach I go to for my lunch hour, I could tell it was raining. I waitied and waited for it to clear up, bu it didn’t. By the time I went home, it was pouring at work, and I woe my rainsuit home, but didn’t get rained on.

This morning, before my run, I went outside to get the cat bowls, came in and filled them up to take back outside, and it was pouring. Now, a half hour later, There”s not a cloud in the sky. Like I hallucinated the whole thing.

It won’t be a scooter day today, that’s fer sure.

Wife says there’s six cruise ships in today, first time in a long time. I need to run into town today..

Another Happy Monday!

Surely that is an original title for a Monday post. I feel certain that I am the first person in human history to think, utter, and certainly the first to put them on paper.

It was an allright weekend, looking back. Saturday was rainy, as was most of Sunday. By 5 Sunday afternoon, it was sunny and clear, and it looks like it will be a sunny, clear day today

My Washington Redskins beat the Seattle Seahawks last night, who were heavily favored. I am very pleased about that!

And now it’s Monday. And it looks like scooter weather for the next few days!

Have a great week!

The Jinx

A couple weeks ago, I was sharing my story about how I went from a world famous insomniac to a guru type sleeper, falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, sleeping good all night and popping tall like a champ when the alarm went off. I explained my technique of concentrating on feeling the air flow past the outer ring of the nosttrils, and when one realizes the mind is drifting, simply return to focusing in the flow of air. I sounded like a wise old sage, mastering a problem so many of us have. A guru on he art of falling asleep.

While I was talking, I had a vague feeling that I should be keeping my mouth shut

I jinxed myself that day, and I haven’t slept good since.

To whatever powers that are out there, I’m sorry, please let me sleep again!

On a pluus note, It’s FRIDAY! Yeayyy!

Thursday Again

This was a fast week.

I’ve been restless lately. I feel like it’s the same crap every week. Boo! It’s Monday. Yeay it’s Friday. I want to enjoy every day.

True, I live in a tropical paradise and my life is better than probably 80% of the worlds population, but still, I want to improve.

It would be nice to find a job I enjoy, for one thing. I never knew what I wanted to do when I grew up, and I still don’t. I’ve been doing electronics for 40 years now, all because of this stupid Heathkit stereo I put together as a kid.

Sometimes I feel like I do a good job, and enjoy my work, sometimes it sucks.

I guess that’s normal.