Shaving – I Hate Shaving

Every morning while I’m shaving I think “I’m going to post a post about how much I don’t like shaving. Worst part of the morning.

Man, it sucks! Get in there, lather up, drag the razor over my face. Going over the same spot over and over, cause it still feels whiskery.

The blades always seem dull, even a new blade drags and pulls. I don’t know when o change then, when the little “lube strip” starts wearing off.

Then I get in the shower, and feel all the spots I missed and pretty much have o start all over.

Misery! Thy name is shaving!

In other news, today (maybe tomorrow) is the equinox. The day and night is equal length all over the world.

And tomorrow is Friday, I’ve been running out of gas at work in the afternoons since I got back fom vacation. Ready for the weekend…

Have a great day!!

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