Crooked Banks

I didn’t get the pictures off of my camera yesterday. Therefore no cave pics today.

Went to thhe bank yesterday. They have a new policy. It  now costs a $1.25 fee for “Over The Counter Cash Withdrawls”. They now charge me to take my own money out of my bank.

I’m still kind of in a bad mood about it.

Happy first workday of the week

Yesterday was  holiday here.So I didn’t go to work.

My Mother In Law is visiting. We went to a place alled Crystal Caves on Saturday, which was quite nice. pictures tomorrow.

It was a very windy, pretty rainy weekend. We almost went on a catamaran cruise Friday night, but it got cancelled.

I got rained on while running this morning too, but it was quite nie

And now it’s time to go to wrk.


Finally it’s Friday! Looking forward to the weekend, even if it’s supposed to rain.

Tomorrow we’regoing to Crystal Caves, here  in Cayman. If they’re the same aves I thiink they are, I went back there about 10 plus years ago, before there was even a trail. The second time I went, someone had driven a bulldozer back there. Now it’s a full blown tourist attraction.

Today. Sheba is coming to work with me, on her way to the vet. I can’t cut her toenails anymore. Nor cn the groomer. I don’t know why, I’ve never hurt her and she never seemed to mind. now she’s going to get sedated to get them cut. And shots, her annual shots.

Have a great weekend!

Late Post

This morning I couldn’t post, because my new keyboard was dead, I’m recharging the battery now. It doesn’t give any warning when the battery is low, that I’ve seen so far, it just dies.

My sister should be going home the 20th. It is a miracle. In the beginning of April, the doctors gave her two months to live. Thank God she’s doing better.

Here’s a picture depicting me at work.

Have a great day!

Rain, Rain, But No Rain

All week,the weatherman has been saying “Rain” but it hasn’t rained. All week I’ve been driving the van instead of riding the scooter, and no rain.

Either rain, or get sunny, dangit!

There was  a terrible fire in London last night. Firefighers are still tring to put it out. 

A 24 storey apartment buiding.

There are fatalities. LINK


Bird Island

I swam out to my little island yesterday and it was full of birds, and eggs. The birds almost formed a cloud of birds.

It was very cool.. When I get to my desktop computer at work, I’ll try to upload a video, so you can hear the sound.

And here it is. Sorry about the wind noise. But you can also see several “nests” which are really just eggs laid out in the open.

LINK to video: If you right click, you can save it as a MP4, if it doesn’t load fast enough to watch.