Time Is Relative

Ever notice how sometimes time flies and sometimes time crawls? Well, it really seems to vary.

Before I moved here, I had a job working on cesium beam frequency standards, or, atomic clocks. 

I went to school for the above clock before it even came out!

Anyway, we had a room full of atomic clocks. different models. For a long time, every morning, I’d go in there and look at the display. Sometimes the seconds went by 1…….2………3………4…….5 and sometimes they went 12345678. Literally, I could tell the difference day to day. Even hour to hour. Of course, I knew that every day the clocks were counting precisely the same, but in my mind, I would swear they were going faster or slower.

It was an experiment I conducted back then.  Our perception of time changes. Especially in mornings, it seems to me.

Some mornings, it seems like everyone is moving in slow motion, and sometimes, I’m the one moving in slow motion. And it’s real.

So when someone says “This week is taking forever!” or “It’s only 10AM? Seems like at least 4PM”. It’s real, time really does vary. 

Have a good ‘Time’ today! Or perhaps I should say, “Have good time!”

0 responses to “Time Is Relative

  1. all I can think of is that meme of patsy from ab fab with her makeup smeared, her beehive askew and she’s holding a bottle of vodka..title is ‘will someone just tell me what damn time it is?’

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