Flashback Friday – Breathing Pot Smoke Instead Of Air

Back before I joined the Navy, when I was a long haired hippie, I worked in a cafeteria that shall not be named here.

Sometimes, I had to do dishes. There was a big, industrial dishwasher, about a cubic meter in size. It was on this sink/slide tray and had these custom racks for the dishes to go on. It had two doors, one in, one out. It washed the dishes for 60 seconds in 180 degree F water.

There was also a door in the room that went out to the parking lot. I would park my car very close to that door.

I was a pretty good dish-doer. When I had to do dishes,I would sometimes fill and line up a whole bunch ot the dish racks, slide one in, and push the “wash” button.

In that 60 seconds, I would run out to my car, take a huge toke off my pot pipe, then, holding it in, I would run inside, pull the clean dishes out, stack them, put the next tray in, press the button and run back out to my car. 

Then I’d blow out the smoke, and inhale another giant toke off my pipe. Run back in, start the next tray, stack the clean dishes and/or load up some more dirty dishes to be washed. Run back outside, exhale, toke, run inside and repeat.

My objective was to not breathe any air, only pot smoke, during my entire shift. 

Just one of the ways I had fun when I was a kid, about 40 years ago!

The above picture is me in 1977 or 78, on a lunch break when I worked at the cafeteria!

Of course, you know I don’t smoke pot or drink or use drugs any more. Not since 1997.

Have a good weekend!


Every day the weatherman says “sunny today, but rain tomorrow”. We did have a shower last night, and yesterday, during what would have been my lunch hour,  but I always think I’ll be taking the car instead of the scooter to work tomorrow.

I guess I don’t have much to say today. Very tired. It was very hard to wake up this morning. I walked but I didn’t swim.

The full mood setting was beautiful this morning.

Have a good day.

Another Weird Dream

I had a dream last night the me, our old neighbor Sue and my gradeschool friends dad, Mr Gunn, were traveling. I think we were politicians

We came to a very large building. We went in, and the building was so huge, we had to fly to get across. We got on this machine, kind of like a cross between a helicopter and a clear elevator. We’re flying way up high, and out the window, I can see shelves a shelves of books. Someone told me this building was the town library or city library or kingdom library. A really big library.

We get to the other side, and go out. We’re walking through country, with grass and trees. All of a sudden these vehicles drivee up, men get out and start shooting these dart guns at us. But they aren’t shooting at us, they’re aiming at the ground 10 or 20 feet in front of us. And it’s like a machine gun dart gun. A terrifying amount of these white, paper looking darts shooting out and toward us into the ground.

I saw the darts up close, imagine a rolled up one inch piece of paper, like a cigarette butt but thinner, with a needle poking out one end. That’s what they looked like.

So we three start runnung. I turn around and I’m alone, no sign of Sue or Mr Gunn or the dart gun guys. I’m on a grassy road with trees on one side and a field of tall grass on the other. All of a sudden, a dart gun guy jumps out of the trees and starts shooting streams of darts from his dart gun at the ground 20 feet in front of me. I look down and can see several darts in my feet. I’m wearing flip flops, like always. I didn’t feel anything like pain from the darts or drugs from the darts. Nothing. I’m   just looking down at these paper darts, just under the surface of my skin.

Then I woke up. It was about 4:00 AM, so I went back to sleep.

Dream evaluations welcome.

Have a nice day!

Duo, Google’s new voice chat app

i just read on the BBC that Google has launched a new app called Duo, a video calling app. I think it’s good, I got rid of Skype way back when MSN bought it. read about it HERE

We had a front move through yesterday, and another supposed to move thru tonight. Wonder if I can squeeze a scooter rididg day in without getting soaked. Yesterday I took the car and it didn’t rain at all. Maybe a little, while I was inside.

Having trouble with my swimming app, which I installed on my vivo.(garmin VivoActive HR) Gotta play with that this morning.

ave a good day!

Monday – Worm Manure Day

Ahh Monday. Killer of weekends.

I’m sitting here, watching a lightning storm in the north that has been going on since I woke up.

I ran from my house to the sea, and started to swim, but it was still dark and my heartrate monitor was visible flashing green on my wrist, and I felt like a piece of bait. So I got out and swam in the pool (At Cobalt Coast Resort)

This was the first American football weekend! Not a very good weekend. Everyone in my division lost, except for the Philedelphia Eagles. But we’re back! 

The wife and I built a big grow box for the screenhouse. It came out pretty nice, but I ran out of screws. A whole box used. Getting more today.

Rainy day probably here today. Have a good week

Finally Friday. Disappointing so far!

Friday, got up early for the meteor shower and it’s cloudy and lightning and thunder. A Facebook friend in Mexico is posting how great the meteor shower is. BBC Radio talked about how good it was.

Redskins lost last night, the first pre-season game.

Stargazers are set for a spectacular cosmic treat, as the Perseids blaze across the skies in what is shaping up as the biggest meteor shower of the year.

This rainy weekend, I plan on building a raised planter for the wife’s new screeen house. The first one of two. It should be a nice rainy day project.

So, with a mid-level attiyude, I wish you a good day and a great weekend!