Back To Work After Busy Weekend

I’ve been building a “screen house” for the wife to garden in. It’s supposed to keep cats and chickens out. he cats like to lay on new sprouts and chickens dig them up. I worked on it this weekend, and all that’s left to is build a door. I was going to buy a screen door, but they’re too big and expensive. This door will be just under 6 feet.

The weather has been weird, rain every day almost. Yesterday the weather said rain all day and it was sunny… Not scooter weather lately for ssure.

Tomorrow, at 12:33 PM, the sun will pass directly overhead here.It happens twice a year.

Saturday, the wife goes to Canada for a week. 

We’ve started a Netflix series “Stranger Things”. I think it’s a mini series of 8 episodes. Quite good. Spooky.

That’ll doer for today, have a great week! 

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