Good Morning!

It is a cloudy, lugubrious morning, there’s an eclipse going on now that I can’t see because of the clouds. But it’s not cold and windy and it’s supposed to start clearing up this morning.

This has turned to a weather blog. I’m not sure of a direction for this blog. Quiet times are good times, and nothing has been happening for me to post. For months.

I’ve been thinging about it a lot, and I’ve been through times like this before. I will get through it.

Have a good day!

0 responses to “Good Morning!

  1. It’s overcast and gloomy out here too..but will clear up and hit 80 today…threatening rain again but nothing has panned out so far so I’m not taking my umbrella out..
    you could post about the different shapes and colors of your poop and I would still come here and read you..cause when I come read you I picture you living in paradise, married to a beautiful woman, and able to go into the ocean when you want…
    I posted for years about West(still do occasionally) and the people in it..don’t you have any funny or interesting people that you meet ….??? just a thought.

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