Blog Poll

Yesterday I got an email about my blog. This student at the University of Southern California. I’m not going to put his name here without permission, but he is studying how people present themselves on the web, and how machines can utilize the knowledge encoded in these presentations. Sounds a little scary, teaching machines how to dig deeper into our lives, but i took the survey, and enjoyed it.


I’m wondering if any of my billions of daily readers recieved a similar email, and if they took the poll?

Movie: Coraline


We watched a movie last night, never heard of it before, “Coraline”.  It was supposed to be a kids movie, but I don’t think so. It was pretty creepy and real good.

This little girl, Coraline, moves into a new house with her parents. She’s bored and he parents don’t seem to pay much attention to her.

Coraline discovers a little door that has been wallpapered over. She finds the key, and opens the door, but underneath, it’s been bricked up too. Later that night she wakes up and follows some mice to the door. She opens it and the bricks are gone and there’s a tunnel. The crawls through the tunnel, and seems to be in the same place when she comes out, but everything’s a little different.

Definitely worth watching, definitely. Weird tale, good plot, stretches the imagination and really good animation make this a must see.

Have a good day!

My 20 Year Old New Shoes

Before I moved to Cayman, I decided I wanted to start running again. I enjoyed it in high school…

So I bought some new running shoes. Maybe I wore them a couple of times, maybe not.

Yesterday, I decided I wanted to go running. I get out the shoes, beautiful, no dirt, no wear on the sole, like new.
I started running, a sole fell off. last night I fixed it with glue. Ran again this morning, the other sole started coming off.

I need more glue…

Good Morning Monday

UGH. Monday. It was a nice, quiet, cool windy Valentines Day weekend. We went out to dinner Saturday and beat the Sunday crowds.

Don’t have much to write about this morning.  The weather should be relatively good. Scooter day.

The Wife is talking about a trip to Monument Valley in May, our annual vacation. Sounds pretty good to me.
We’ll see how it pans out.


Have a wonderful week!!

Happy Thursday!

It’s Thursday, but feels like Monday, because of the day off yesterday. That’s bad for today, buut good for tomorrow,when it will be FRIDAY!
Here it continues to be windy and cold, with no end in sight.



No sun in the pictures above.

Valentines day is coming, what should I get the Wife? Any ideas? There’s the usual, jewelry and lingerie… I’m open to sugestions!

January sped by and February is speeding, Every year is getting shorter and shorter. When I turned forty, I thought, “My life is about half over”. Let me tell you, the second half seems to be going a lot faster than the first half!

I guess that’ll do it for today, have a great day!