My wife got me a Fitbit Charge, she’s had one a while and likes it. I expressed an interest and she surprised me!


It seems pretty cool. It’s fun entering all the info from the food you eat, keeping track of everything. I especially like the  bar code scanner.

It measures your activity during the day, and how you sleep at night.

I wear it in the shower, but not in the sea, not sure how waterproof it is.. I’ll find out, but I’m pretty sure you can’t take it diving.

Superbowl was yesterday. Both teams sucked. Denver had no third down conversions but won it. Carolina didn’t play well at all either.

It’s Monday, I’m tired and crabby. It’s cold and wwindy outside…Good day for working, if there ever was


Have a wonderful week!

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  1. My insurance company has supplied my wife and I with something called a MisFit. It is a Fitbit wannabe. It tracks your activity…both during the day and at night. But it does not input what you eat. For that, one is on one’s own.

    But the nice thing about this one is that my insurance company is giving me money to reach my exercise goals. So I have that going for me…..

    • The Fitbit has an app on your phone on which the food intake is entered. (and wheree the status of the FItbit is read). I’m sure ther’s tons of free apps that do that!
      Sounds like you got some good insurance!

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