Back To The Future Day


Today is Back To The Future Day,The day Marty McFly arrives from 1985. HERE is an article.

On Oct 21 1985, I was just out of the Navy. 1955 I wasn’t even born yet.

Back in those days there was a saying: “Cameras don’t lie!” You oldies remember this.


Keep an eye out today for Marty McFly!

0 responses to “Back To The Future Day

  1. 1955 I was 11..almost 12..we had just left Hawaii and were sent to Laredo, Texas..what a culture 1985 I was working at Payless Cashways Home Improvement store and was head of the paint dept..3 years after the death of my beloved father I was entering into full bloom alcoholism..although I never missed a days work. was also the year I last had sex.

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