Rainy Week

Its been rainy all week. Its like the end of hurricane season when the storms form overhead and then move way and become tropical depressions or hurricanes. Right now the sky is completely cloudy.


Yesterday for my lunch hour and I went to La Casa Del Habano. I took this sefie there.

I’m using my voice to text function to write this. It works pretty good.

Have a great day!

0 responses to “Rainy Week

  1. Read it back. Its not great. Lots of errors. Anyway, where is that place, la casa de Habana? I’d like to try it out myself.

    • You’re right, I corrected the errors I saw. i didn’t notice them in my pre coffee haze!

      La Casa Del Habano is in the group of stores kind of across the street from the KFC in town. Or, you might say it is next door to the store that is under Breezes restaurant.

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