What The Heck Is Pinterest?


I used to have Pinterest on my phone, but I lost interest! (Haha! that rhymes!)
Seriously, what is it? I posted some photos, “pinned” some other peoples photos, but what’s the point? I gave it two  tries actually, installed it a year or three ago, never saw the point, deleted it after several months. I reinstalled/uninstalled again a few months ago, thinking maybe I missed something..

I still get emails several times a week, saying someone “repinned one of my pins”

If anyone could explain it to me, I’d appreciate it.

Coming up soon: WTF is LinkedIn?


Have a good weekend!

0 responses to “What The Heck Is Pinterest?

  1. Dude. What is up? I do. Pinterest just to see shit. As for its functionality ……. Nah. It has none.

  2. Pinterest is like a cork board where you “pin” or save information that you see and want to go back to… for example I just created a board named “Italy 2016” where I am storing pins and articles of places to see, visit, tips, etc… It can also work as a vision board. I love Pinterest!

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