Weird Dream Morning

I get up in the dark, now I’m watching the sun come up on the clouds.

Last night I dreamed The Wife & I got up and went outside, but I forgot a book. I  went back inside and went upstairs, and it was the wrong house. There were about four beds in the room, with couples in each one. Lots of other people too, walking around, getting coffee, using the bathrooms. Like a community bedroom/house. Nobody seemed to notice I didn’t belong there.

I went back outside, and looked at the house number, 1061. I thought  we were in 1071. There were a row of houses, all identical.  I went in number 1071, and it was the wrong house too. Then I woke up.

The houses were all old, Leave It To Beaver,1950’s houses. Weird dream.


like this, but wider

It was hard to get up this morning.

Have a great day!

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