This weekend, after The Wife went to sleep, I watched a movie called 9


About a rag doll robot in a time after humans were destroyed by the machines they  created.

It is definitely worth watching.

The Wife is still sick, so we spent a lot of time watching TV.

Have a great week!

World Radio Day

World Radio Day marks the anniversary of the first broadcast by UN Radio Feb 13, 1946, when it transmitted its first call sign: “This is the United Nations calling the peoples of the world.”


Happy World Radio Day!

Happy Friday the 13th!
Happy Weekend!

New (used) Kindle 2

I got the new Kindle yesterday. It’s a Kindle 2 and my old one was a Kindle 3. It is a little larger and  has a different software version. I’m both a little disappointed and also glad to have my reader back.


Kindle 2


Kindle 3

Also, the new one is 2 Gig instead of 4 gig, and my books fill it almost all the way up.

I’m trying to figure out how to do a firmware upgrade..

Have a good day!

Spring Is Coming

Spring is definitely coming. Around these parts, I can tell the days are definitely getting longer and that the afternoons are brighter. That’s a good thing for me

There’s a pretty strong wind coming from the north, yesterday was rough at my beach lunch and the cruise ships stopped on the south side of the island instead of the west. Probably will be the same today.

I am supposed to get the new (used) Kindle today. Hopefully.

That’s it! Gotta go! Have a wonderful day! 

Bus Today

Yesterday I left my car for an annual inspection and an oil change. So I took the bus home last night and am taking the bus in this morning.

Work is too busy.

I’m trying to make a deal on a used Kindle here on the island. The seller refused to ask a price and  wanted me to make an offer. So I made a low offer, never heard back. So I emailed again, “Hey, I never heard back from you, what’s the deal?” So I got a reply “I have an offer for $40. Does that work?” My reply, “I’ll give you $40, cash today”. For cryin’ out loud, tell me how much you want for it, I’ll give you the money, you give me the Kindle. Why the games?

That’s it, gotta go, I have to leave early to catch “Da Bus”


Dead Kindle?


I think my Kindle died. Took it out to read and the display was like it is in the picture above. I tried to reset it yesterday, but couldn’t see it to read it. I can see the screen change behind the partial wallpaper that seems permanent.

I’m already looking for used new ones, but my wife says I have too much electronics, I should just get an app for my tablet… She has a point, but the screen, THE SCREEN! Tablet can never beat that Paperwhite at the beach. Plus, the Kindle is inexpensive enough to take in harms way, like the beach or pool. My tablet is my lifeline to the planet!

This morning I put it on “deaf mode” so that it talks to me. I’m going to try a reset it today, but I’m afraid my Kindle is dead.

But, on a brighter note, IT’S FRIDAY!!!! Supposed to rain this weekend, but I don’t care.