Who Is Using My GPS?

Lately I’ve been noticing the GPS icon on my phone come on un-authorize-dly at weird times. Like when I turn on the flashlight, or a lot of times when I’m looking at the screen for any reason, I’ll see it go on and flash a couple of times, then go off.


Worlds smallest image ever used in any blog at any time ever!


Some apps are authorized to use the GPS, like, well, the GPS apps I have installed, and Maps, fer example.

But I never saw the GPS come on like this, so sporadic… And it just started recently. I feel like I’m being tracked. Probably the CIA,  reading this blog, wondering “How does he come up with such brilliant blog content?” “We must study this brain”. Happens all the time. Brain farmers…

Or maybe it’s just some spyware, although nothing’s showing up on my scans….

App that is using my GPS without permission: I’m gonna track you down and gut you like a fish!

Have a good weekend!

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