Wednesday Cold Cold Cold

It is so cold here I couldn’t even do my exercises this morning. Instead I took Sheba out running. It was less windy down on ground level.
She’s so fat that she was wanting to stop before we had gone even 2/10ths of a mile.
The temperature has plummeted way down probably to about 70 degrees F. Not counting wind chill, there’s a strong wind blowing from the north.


Can I get some sympathy?

My scooter needs new tires. 14000 kilometers on the bike. Seems like not a lot. How long should tires last?

I didn’t post yesterday, I couldn’t think of a topic, and I couldn’t post ANOTHER post about no topic, so  I took a small hiatus.

For me, the peak of the Humpday Hump is now, as Friday is a half day!! Yip Peeeeee!

0 responses to “Wednesday Cold Cold Cold

  1. I would kill right now for that 70 degrees you are not happy with. I could live year round with 70 degrees on a daily basis. It is currently 32 degrees here in this part of the country. Light snow, windy as heck, and just pure plain downright cold.

  2. How have I not realised it gets cold there in all the years I’ve read your blog! I have no idea when you should change your tyres.. maybe when they are really worn?

  3. I went to the mailbox and met up with some neighbors and as I was walking back to apt..I turned around and started laughing…one lady had on a coat, one had sweater, on, one had coat and sweater and I had tshirt and shorts..

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