Experiment Fail / Sorting Pictures

Yesterday, when I posted my post, my tablet had 11% power. When I got done, it was 6%, when I got to work, it was dead. Both my power packs were dead so I had no choice, I plugged it in. However, the data collection will continue. This morning looks like a typical, perfect Caribbean morning, fresh wind, mostly blue skies with some fluffy white clouds, and the sun, just peeking over the treetops.


Yesterday, a friend posted an old postcard of the Holiday Inn Grand Cayman.


Now I’m going through old pictures to see if I have good ones. I used to copy all my pictures to DVD once a year, now I keep them all on a portable hard drive. I am currently copying the pics from the DVDs to the hard drive, then I have to sort them. Not a small task.

This afternoon after work, I have a job interview.

Have a good day!

0 responses to “Experiment Fail / Sorting Pictures

  1. I was reading along… dumm dee doo… all happy stuff… then BOOM!
    You have a JOB INTERVIEW???

    Now that is exciting, cos I know you don’t particularly like your job. OOO …. fingers crossed it’s something interesting and you get it!

  2. Thank you for posting the old postcard scan of the Holiday Inn Grand Cayman. My family had a 2nd home there on East End back in the day, and we spent many a fun day hanging out at this pool while in Georgetown! There were built-in concrete & tile (bar) stools in the water where you could have a drink. Be well!

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